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Macaroni Crackers: Recipe for Homemade Snacks

For the recipe to work, it is important to note which dough you are using.

or delicacy that caught our attention came from user @ wafffler69 who posted a video about his teaching on TikTok how to make macaroni tart which looked very inviting.

The tiktoker simply put the dough into the frying dough and turned into a super crunchy snack. The video has reached over 20 million views, almost 6 thousand shares and more than 20 thousand comments.

We therefore have nothing left but the desire to test: Works?

Quiz: how to make macaroni chips

Below is the list of ingredients we used in our test:

  • Pasta * (rice or corn)

  • Oil

  • Curry

  • black pepper

  • Paprika

  • salt

The pasta used in the original video is called “duras”, because it is Mexican, hard to find in Brazil. As an alternative to this test we used rice and corn pasta, which are easy to find. Not to mention, of course, the traditional wheat pasta.

To begin our test, let’s heat the oil well, since the proposal is to fry and toast these doughs well.

The first dough we fried was the wheat, then the corn and then the rice. Here it is important to remember that the conventional wheat dough was the only one that did not rise, it remained the same size, it is freshly toasted.

Pasta made from wheat, corn and rice respectively

We then prepare the dressing in a bowl, mixing reasonable amounts of paprika, curry, pepper and salt. Next, we throw the fried dough inside and shake it until it gets the topping well.

Finally our macaroni crackers are ready!

Result: Does snacking with noodles in oil work?

Quick answer: Yesbut with wheat pasta, No.

The best results were with the rice and corn pasta, with the corn version being the most delicious. These two masses grew immediately upon contact with the very hot oil, immediately transforming into a crisp crackle of responsa.

It is worth mentioning that rice noodles are commonly used in Thailand to make this type of recipe, when fried they are a crunchy option to accompany dishes.

The main problem we had with conventional wheat dough, other than not rising, was the fact that it was tougher than the others, very different from a snack.

But it is worth remembering that with this type of dough it is also possible to make cracklings, if you cook it in advance and let it dry. After all, one of the great tricks of crispy noodles is the moisture present in the dough.

Understand the difference between Brazilian and Mexican (hard) pasta

The main feature that differentiates our conventional pasta from hard pasta is the type of wheat used in its processing. That is, while the pasta that is easily found on the market is of soft wheat, the durum one is of a different grain Hard mince.

That said, the main difference is that this grain makes preparations that use it harder, especially due to its high levels of protein and gluten.

However, this seems like a contradiction in terms of the dough frying method, as when using the crust, the result is a more brittle and crunchy texture than the other doughs we used in our test.

Furthermore, duros is known all over the world as a typical Latin pasta. Although we don’t find it easily in Brazil, in Mexico it is much more popular, both in the kitchen and as a snack, like this recipe we tested.

Find out other ways to make your pururuca

Frying pasta is not as rare as it seems, so much so that our followers have shared other very special ways of handling pasta with us:

“A delight, I always make it with the vine. If you pass it in cheese or breadcrumbs before frying it, it’s divine!”says Cristiane Matos on our YouTube channel.

“Try this: cook the macaroni for 3 minutes, put them in boiling water, dry them well on absorbent paper or even in the sun and fry them …”suggests Naiara Souza on our Facebook page.

“People so long ago, my mother made it. She took the beef or chicken kinor broth, dissolved it in a little water and poured it into the marquise …”adds Luana Rabelo on our TikTok.

“The wheat pasta must first cook the pasta until it is al dente. Let it cool and dry a little and when it is firm, fry it.”Juliana Chapper said our instagram.

If you are going to cook pasta, don’t forget to turn the colander upside down.

What do we learn from this advice?

  • Frying raw pasta works and is delicious;

  • But not all pasta turns into pururuca (you work rice and corn!);

  • By cooking in advance, it is possible to make this snack with all the pasta.

Watch the video of our complete test.

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