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Fotona X Ultraformer for the face: what’s the difference?

How to choose between technologies when the advertisements appear to be the same?

In my search for available technologies that help soften the expression lines of a face approaching 40, I have come across billions of procedures that promise everything I want. But there are so many possibilities of aesthetic procedures and combinations, brands and equipment that while covering the beauty area for a few years, I felt confused: what is the difference between Fotona laser and Ultraformer ultrasound?

While the best scenario is to combine treatments for even better results, sometimes you have to choose what to invest in first.


“The ultrasounds will treat the depth of the skin, from the muscular part, stimulating collagen and repositioning the structures. The laser will treat the surface of the skin, improving its color, quality, texture, spots, fine wrinkles”, he explains. Fernanda Porfiriodermatologist at the Vanité clinic, in Sao Paulo.


Rafael Soaresa dermatologist from the Rafael Soares Institute, also in Sao Paulo, explains in a more technical way that “the laser is an amplification of light that acts specifically on a substance, which is directly related to the wavelength of this laser. For example, the ND: YAG laser has an affinity mainly with dark pigments and with hemoglobin (red tones), so with it it is possible to treat varicose veins and skin spots. “

But, depending on how the machine is set up, or the type of laser (yes, there are several), it can also contract the tissues and improve relaxation, depending on the intensity of the treatment and the region being applied.

“Fractional lasers such as Fotona’s Erbium will create micro zones of thermal damage that will stimulate tissue regeneration and thereby enhance adjacent tissue, including collagen stimulation,” says Fernanda.

This is why advertisements that talk about lasers often also link technology with the rejuvenation effect.


According to Fernanda, ultrasound produces micro-lesions, microscopic and invisible, in specific depths of the skin. Where it has been applied, it causes the coagulation of tissues from the muscular layer to one of the most superficial layers of the skin – the dermis -, keeping the epidermis intact. “These coagulation points will stimulate cell regeneration and induce the production of collagen. With this there will be a repositioning of the structures contributing to a lifting effect.”

The best known ultrasound in Brazil is the Ultraformer, just do a quick search in the search engine. Rafael explains that the device causes these micro-lesions at high temperatures, causing an immediate contraction of the tissue, so immediately after the procedure it is already possible to see some results.

Having already applied botox and even the biostimulator a few years ago, I felt that some areas of the face needed more attention. I am very white and tend to have sagging skin. In one of those beauty clinic promotions, I got carried away and was recommended a single session of Ultraformer III (the latest technology), from the lower eye area to the cheekbone.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes. It is not completely painless, but it is bearable. No care is required. In my case, this region of the face was slightly swollen and pink for 48 hours, but nothing painful.

Two months later, I feel the dark circles and expression lines have subsided. The effect is long-term, so I should still notice changes in the coming months. The indication is to repeat the procedure annually, in my case.

Ultraformer is also applied to the brow region to lift the eyes and stimulate the collagen above the eyelids. In the lower third of the face it softens expression lines such as the “Chinese mustache” and the skin around the lips.


When to choose the laser?

If the complaints concern the quality of the leather. Like the texture, they soften acne scars, for example, blemishes such as melasma and acne blemishes, and varicose veins such as those that cause rosacea. Remembering that the laser treats the most superficial layers of the skin, it can also be used for fine wrinkles, such as soft expression lines.

Some lasers, such as Plexr, can also stimulate collagen in regions such as the eyelids, improving the quality of the skin in that region and decreasing local sagging.

When to choose ultrasound?

Use ultrasound when the disturbance is flaccidity, sliding of the structures. That feeling that the face is falling out, you know? Fernanda explains that it can also be used to thin the face as the deep pointer can even reach the fat layer, destroying these cells. Therefore, it is also indicated for the treatment of the “double chin”.

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