Do not jump! 4 stylish shoe options for work

You can put together a trendy social look without resorting to high heels, you know? Discover some more comfortable alternatives

although the social and professional aspect is closely associated with the use of heels, we know this is no longer true. After all, there have always been women who haven’t seen high heels as a great friend and still wore them to maintain the look. However, the comfortable clothes brought by the pandemic reversed that decision.

Now, in addition to most of the employees who work from home – and the home office is worth thanking here for being able to wear only socks – even those who go to the company have he opted for comfort instead of tight and uncomfortable pieces. Also because of the style comfortable it can be quite sophisticated, see? And not including high heels!

new options

So, if the heels have been taken out of the shoe cabinet and properly picked up for special occasions – a wedding, who knows … – it’s time to discover new alternatives for footwear to wear to work. Here we go?

Gym shoes

Yes, tennis! After all, no one wants to ride the subway with sore feet, right? And just combine the right pieces and the look will be very professional.


Perfect for mild days, as well as keeping your feet warm, the boots promise not just comfort, but lots of style! How about one with the cowboy footprint?


Still on the wave of the boots, the boots promise to be a ten in the comfort requirement and are, without a doubt, the most elegant and loved footwear of the moment!


With the heat on the way, why not consider sandals as part of the hot day productions? The low-heeled and thicker versions are great!

It is worth mentioning that many professions still require a dress codebut if it is possible to fit the shoes, these options bring comfort and are super high!

Besides them, you can still think of sneakers (No. embarrassing!), in moccasins and many other alternatives.

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Source: Terra