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The price of pecorino romano exceeds all-time highs

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The product reached 13.5 euros per kilo this year

The price of a kilo of Pecorino Romano PDO hit the record this week in Italy, reaching between 12.80 and 13.50 euros per kilo, the head of the consortium responsible for the product, Gianni Maoddi, informs ANSA.

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Most of the production of the product is made in Sardinia (95%), with some certified companies in Tuscany and Lazio, and this is one of the best-selling cheeses in the United States, where 52% of everything produced is exported to abroad.

The price started to fluctuate slightly upwards in November 2020, but began to have the largest increases in December 2021, when it reached 9.38 euros per kilo, something not seen since 2015. Since April of this year , with the acceleration of inflation, the value has reached 11 euros and has now broken all records.

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According to Maoddi, the increase is due “to a combination of several factors, such as a very limited production for better quality, promotional actions and the habit, born in the pandemic, by the increase in the consumption of homemade dishes such as carbonara and cheese and pepper”.

However, the rep said that the current parity between the dollar and the euro means that the US market “doesn’t feel that much” of the price increase.

“But if the level of consumption remains at that level, the production of 2022 will not be enough to arrive until May 2023 – when the cheese that will start being produced in October will be commercialized and we could still see a decline in stocks,” he added. .

Despite claiming that the profit margin is reaching the entire supply chain, the consortium leader said that costs are also increasing.

“The value of the final price of the cheese is high, the moment is favorable, but all production costs are rising and this worries us for the future”, adds Maoddi. .

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