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Golden January: find out everything about the month dedicated to sport

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One more reason to include sport in your routine

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Each month it gets a different colorway with a focus on a health awareness campaign. If summer is already the season of the year when many people are launching health goals, January bolsters the achievement of these goals even more. Check below the importance of golden January: the month dedicated to sports.

The Importance of Golden January

“Our body needs movement. The more it moves, the more exciting style our body produces. By that, it improves the quality of life, muscle strengthening, which prevents chronic diseases and increases life expectancy,” he said the orthopedic doctor Dr. . Layron Alves in an exclusive interview for the sports life.

Have you not witnessed dramatic situations in the family? Excellent! This story contributes even more to this life change. Layron will explain below that starting a modality does not demand too much from the physical part of the person and a harsh assessment is only intended for those dealing with the condition that needs something more from their body.

“People with no comorbidities or no family history, aren’t at as much risk to initiate activities. Initiating activities doesn’t require much from the patient. The problem starts when people reach levels that require the body. So it’s worth the worth a thorough evaluation in an attempt to prevent certain injuries and pathologies, for example: sudden illness”, warns the orthopedic surgeon.

“Now if you’re planning on running long distances or playing more dangerous sports, that there’s a higher chance of injury or a medical issue, then a medical evaluation is worth it,” adds Alves.

sign of hope

These recommendations “marry” with a habit that gradually becomes part of the daily life of the Brazilian population. The IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) published in November 2020 that almost a third of Brazilians engage in physical activity as a leisure activity.

This institute added that 30.1% of Brazilians did the recommended level of physical activity in their free time in 2019, a figure which shows an improvement because this percentage reached 22.7% in 2013. The percentage was 34 .2% for men and 26.4% for women.

With the scenario still worrying

The WHO (World Health Organization) study emerged in 2021 with the accusation that one in two adults does not respect the normal routine of physical activity. Moreover, these data also reveal that 47% of the population is below the average of the exercises recommended by doctors and specialists.

Who is he?

The doctor. Layron Alves combines his work in orthopedics, in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and in shoulder and elbow surgery. In addition, he is a member of SBOT (Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology) and SBCOC (Brazilian Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery).

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