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‘How I met your father’: We tell you everything we know about the new series


Ready to discover the new mystery in the company of Hilary Duff?

    17 years ago the series ‘How I met your mother’ began, a story in which the public witnessed how Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor), the protagonist, told his two children in 2030 about the adventure that led him to meet the mother of the two teenagers. Nine seasons later, the series came to an end and it was revealed who “the mother” was, whom we discovered at the end of season 8.

    Much was said about possible continuations of the story: a spin-off about the mother, starring Christine Miliotianother under the orders of Greta Gerwig that did not see the light either. It is seen that the third time is the charm.

    Now comes the continuation of that story, in which Hilary Duff take the baton from Radnor and it will be her who stars in this new story.

    ‘How I Met Your Father’: Synopsis

    Let’s forget about Ted, McLaren’s, Barney, Robin and company… It’s Sophie’s turn. Now she is the one who, in the near future, tells her son how she met his father: a story that takes us to the present where Sophie and her group of friends are going to discover who they are, what they expect from life and how to fall in love in the era where dating apps and unlimited options invade the day-to-day life of society.

    At the moment the story is more open because the creators of the new series are interested in listening to their fans, so they will remain somewhat more open than the creators of the predecessor: the final scene of Mosby’s children was shot eight years earlier from the end of the series. Here it seems that they are not going to do the same, since the one we know is Sophie when she is older (Cattrall).

    ‘How I Met Your Father’ Release Date

    The series has begun to air in the United States since January 18, when the pilot chapter premiered. The first season is made up of ten chapters, and on Disney + it would supposedly arrive on March 9. However, it finally arrives on Disney + May 11.

    ‘How I Met Your Father’: Cast

    Let’s review who are the protagonists of the new comedy.

    Hilary Duff isSophie

    In ‘How I met your father’, it is the character of Sophie who takes the central role that once belonged to Ted Mosby: now she goes in search of her partner or life partner. After a slew of failed Tinder dates, Sophie is ready to find her perfect guy and ends up with a new group of friends. Hilary Duff, known for her role as Lizzie McGuire, is the protagonist of her.

    Kim Cattrall isSophie

    Taking on the role of narrator Bob Saget in ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Kim Cattrall is shown on screen as the future version of Sophie in the series. In a change from the original, Kim Cattrall’s Sophie is the figure who takes center stage rather than her son, but the framing is otherwise very similar. Cattrall is and will always be remembered for playing Samantha Jones in ‘Sex and the City’.

    Francia Raisa is Valentina

    Just back from London Fashion Week, Valentina is Sophie’s best friend and roommate. She is prone to impulsive decisions and eager to support Sophie in her new mission, even though she doesn’t always have faith in it. Francia Raisa, ‘Go for it all again, once again’ and in the series ‘Grown-ish’.

    Tim Ainsley isCharlie

    Charlie is from a wealthy British family, but after he hooked up with Valentina during London Fashion Week, he was threatened with disinheritance if he didn’t end the relationship. He chose to stay with Valentina and now finds himself in New York City, penniless and out of touch with the lives of those who are not so super rich. Tom Ainsley was previously on ‘The Royals’.

    Chris Lowell is Jesse

    Jesse is played by Chris Lowell. Here the actor is an Uber driver who picks up Sophie to take her on a date with a guy she thinks might be the one. Lowell is known for his role in ‘Veronica Mars’ or in the movie ‘A Young Woman of Promise’.

    Tien Tran is Ellen

    Ellen is Jesse’s sister who has recently moved to New York after divorcing his wife. Eager to break into the dating scene in a community that has more than one lesbian, Ellen is excited about all the outings of the new group. Tien Tran has appeared in various works such as ‘Candyman’.

    Suraj Sharma as Sid

    Suraj Sharma plays Sid, Jesse’s best friend. In a throwback to Marshall’s plot from ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Sid prepares to propose to his girlfriend. Sid is the owner of the bar where the group hangs out. Sharma is known for his performances in the series ‘God Friended Me’ (pictured), or in the movie ‘Life of Pi’.

    Ashley Reyes isHannah

    Hannah is the girlfriend of Sid, who proposes to her at the beginning of ‘How I Met Your Father’. Although she is excited to accept, she has to leave her job as a doctor in Los Angeles. Ashley Reyes has been seen on the television series ‘American Gods’.

    Daniel Augustin is Ian

    Ian is played by Daniel Augustin and plays a marine biologist. Ian appears to be the perfect match for Sophie, but the prospect of their relationship is complicated by his impending move to Australia and lack of desire for a long-distance relationship. Daniel Augustin previously appeared on ‘Cake: The Series’ among other television appearances.

    ‘How I Met Your Father’: Photos

    Last November we met the new protagonists with the official photo.

    We have several of the photos of the series given its premiere in the United States.

    ‘How I met your father’: trailer

    You have the trailer for ‘How I met your father’ at the beginning of this news.

    ‘How I met your father’ renewed for a second season

    Hulu has renewed the series for an extended second season that will have 20 episodes that will arrive in 2023. At the moment you have the first ten chapters that are about to start on Disney +.

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