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‘I never’: release date and first photos of season 3 on Netflix

Who will return to the cast, how the story will continue, the first official images… We collect all the details of the third installment of the series created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

    The third season of ‘I never’ It has already been confirmed by Netflix, and it would have been a crime to leave the love dramas of Devi Vishwakumar halfway, a teenager on the verge of a nervous breakdown… every minute of the day. Besides, There is already a release date and first images.

    The second installment of the story created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher premiered on the platform streaming on July 15, 2021 and showed that it still retains everything that made it a success in the first season: a great sense of humor to deal with the commonplaces of adolescence, a protagonist as imperfect as she is charismatic, a cultural shock that brings originality to the story and the tennis player John McEnroe as the narrator.

    Even so, after the events of the second season, many things have changed and many questions have been left unanswered for a continuation. We collect all the news about that third season: when will the premiere date be? Who will return to the cast? Will there be drama again in the love triangle between Devi, Ben and Paxton? Will Common come back? Here’s everything we know so far, and it’s constantly being updated!

    ‘I never’, season 3: release date

    The good reception of the series gave enough hope that the story would continue, and Netflix ended up confirming it. Now, it is one of lime and one of sand: there will be a third season of ‘I never’, but it will be the last.

    For now, we already have release date: August 12, 2022. Will it become one of the best series of 2022?

    ‘I never’, season 3: How will the story continue?

    second season of never on netflix

    WATCH OUT! We discuss spoilers for the season 2 finale below.

    The third season of ‘I never’ promises to bring a roller coaster of emotions after that intense and revealing high school dance. But let’s rewind a little earlier. At the beginning of the season it seemed that Paxton had missed his chance with Devi, who we left making out with Ben in the car. But never underestimate Hall-Yoshida’s powers of seduction. Finally unable to decide, Devi starts dating both of them at the same time without saying anything to them. A bad decision that ends with a two-way breakup when they find out about it and get mad at her. And on top of that Paxton gets hit by a car right after. The drama!

    Episode by episode, it seems that the elements of the story begin to fall into place. Ben begins a relationship with his new high school classmate, Aneesa. For his part, Paxton must make an effort in his studies to enter a good university and thus discover what he is capable of, starring in what is possibly the best and deepest narrative development of the season. And all of that, as you will find out in the end, is thanks to Devi, who has been helping and motivating you as her tutor, friend and ex-girlfriend. Therefore, and although he had no intention, decides to go to the school dance and show everyone that Devi is his girlfriend. Finally, the protagonist seems ready for a serious relationship. And monogamous.

    Darren Barnet and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever

    However, look at one of the last scenes of the season: Ben sees Devi and Paxton dancing, reconciled, and tells Eleanor that he’s always known he was second rate. And Eleanor corrects him from her mistake, revealing that he was actually Devi’s first choice until her friends convinced her otherwise and gave her the idea for the love triangle. Also that I hate her towards Aneesa it was pure jealousy. Which is to say, that Devi was genuinely in love with Ben, perhaps even more so than with Paxton. Could this revelation provoke something in him? Leave Aneesa? Fight for Devi? Or will she have forgotten it the next morning? The latter, of course, we doubt.

    It is likely that in the third season we will experience Ben’s internal struggle to clarify his feelings and his relationship with Devi. But she will be quite busy: for the first time, and without complicated plots, he will be in a serious relationship with Paxton. In an interview with ColliderRamakrishnan said: “I don’t know where we’re taking him because I have no idea what shenanigans Devi will get up to. I couldn’t have predicted that she would put me in a cricket costume. this season. That was me doing that dance. No stunt double. So, I have no idea where the story will go, but I think it will be great to see what Devi is like in a relationship that is a real relationship“. Paxton, for his part, will have to deal with the reaction of the institute, always so cruel to poor Devi, and remain motivated in his studies. For all of them, the university is just around the corner.

    second season of never on netflix

    But not everything in ‘I never’ is about Devi’s problems, although it is the center of the story. In this season we have also seen again the doubts of Devi’s cousin, Kamala, who is not sure if she wants to marry her boyfriend Prashant so soon now that she is advancing in her work as a scientist in a laboratory, where respect has had to be earned by hand. And she’s also found an unexpected connection with her cousin’s literature teacher, Mr. Kulkarni, whom she meets at the end of the season after escaping from her proposed dinner. These are also times of change for Devi’s mother, Nalini, who has quickly gone from hatred to love for a fellow professional, Dr Jackson. Will there be a future for them?

    Plus: Will Eleanor get the big movie romance she wants and deserves? Will the relationship between Fabiola and Eve go from strength to strength? What new challenges lie ahead for the promising addition of Aneesa to the cast? Will we see more of the great and wonderful Rebecca, Paxton’s sister? Yes please!

    ‘I never’, season 3: Who will return?

    second season of never on netflix

    There are a number of essential characters that we certainly hope to see in the next season of ‘Have I ever’:

      Joining them are a number of supporting characters we hope to see back, such as Devi’s late father Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy), who appears from time to time in his daughter’s dreams. Also the amazing therapist Jamie (niece nash), Fabiola’s girlfriend, Eve (Christina Kartchner), newcomer Aneesa (megan suri), Paxton’s friend Trent (benjamin norris), Kamala’s boyfriend Prashant (Rushi Kota), Kamala’s new interest and literature teacher, Mr. Kulkarni (Utkarsh Ambudkar) and the delusional history teacher, Mr. Shapiro (adam shapiro). Perhaps we are not so sure if we will see Common in the role of Dr. Jackson, but we hope so.

      And, of course, we look forward to the return of a growing panel of storytellers in more surprising ways: John McEnroe (Devi’s narrator), Andy Samberg (Ben narrator) and Gigi Hadid (Paxton’s narrator).

      ‘I never’: Official images and trailer

      It’s still too early to have a trailer, but here are the first images of season 3 of ‘I never’ shared by their official Twitter account:

      In addition, we leave you with the trailer for the second season in case you have the monkey:

      Source: Fotogramas

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