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Colin Firth and Matthew McFadden say they both played Darcy as an “angry teenager”.

Though their performance was separated by a decade and on two separate screens, Colin Firth and Matthew McFadden say they both acted with pride and arrogance. Pride and Prejudice The character of Mr. Darcy as an “angry teenager”.

Talking vanity fair In a joint interview to promote their new Netflix movie minced meatWatching the pair ponder two offers from British intelligence formulating a bizarre plot to deceive the Nazis that changes the course of World War II, they both discuss their individual experiences playing one of literature’s most famous figures.

McFadden, who admitted that Firth was the inspiration for his own acting career, told the magazine: “I played him as a moody teenager type, probably because he was scared, because he was scared.

Firth, to his own surprise, confirmed that he had done the same. “I think so, actually,” he said. “She’s fine. “This place isn’t good enough. I don’t dance in a place like this.” “Because he’s afraid to dance.”

“Exactly,” McFadden replied. “Everything is fear. “Everything is based on fear.”

The two also discussed whether they compared notes on their past performances while filming the Netflix project and what Darcy’s unique reflection was on the big and small screens. Firth acknowledged that “it’s not like we’re the only two people who have played him”, while McFadden denied that the two spent any time discussing the matter.

“I don’t think we did that,” McFadden said. “I remember saying there’s such a strange pressure that follows these games. I think we talked about it briefly, but we didn’t talk about it.”

Firth, who starred in most of the character in the 1995 six-part BBC series, also admitted that he was impressed with McFadden’s work on the 2005 film against Kiera Knightly.

“It’s much harder as a movie. “Because if you have six parties, you have six hours to put it all together and allow everything to unfold at a pace closer to the speed of the book,” said Firth. “I think what was so great about Matthew’s acting was that he was able to put the whole story in a more concise way. And I think it’s very difficult because it depends on slow detection.”

“We went back to the days before the broadcast, when you really had to wait until next week to see the next part,” added Firth as Mr. Darcy. “I think this story was a great achievement. [in that short time]And that Matthew managed to unravel this character.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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