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BBB 23: Gabriel wins Prova do Anjo; see who is the monster of the week

The dispute took place on Saturday afternoon.

Gabriel Santana won the test of the angel in the afternoon of this Saturday 18, at h Big Brother Brazil 23. In addition to lunch and the series, on Sunday 19 the brother will be able to immunize a colleague in confinement.

The dispute required aiming from the participants, who had to hit pucks into delivery boxes. After 9 hits, the actor was consecrated Angelo for the first time.

Bruna, Fred, Cezar and Amanda were all vetoed and could not participate in the immunity dispute. Gabriel chose Aline and Fred for the monster’s punishment.

In Monstro Amigo da Onça, the two punished have to spend all their time hugging a jaguar. At the signal, the two should go on the lawn and demonstrate that they know how to feign friendship to get along. Each punished loses 300 bets and whoever is in the VIP goes straight to Xepa.

Source: Terra

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