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What do I have to do to be a PJ in the IT field?

The expert collects a guide for those who want to follow this path

The tech market has become a vast field of work, as there are fewer jobs available than available positions. Increasingly, companies find it difficult to find new talent and even replace professionals. Given this scenario, working as a PJ has been an alternative for many people, becoming more and more popular in the technology market, as hiring without an employment relationship can be beneficial for both companies and professionals.

According to data from Brasscom (Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies), the sector will require around 800,000 professionals by 2025. For Rafael Marchesano, legalization director of Company Hero, a company that has already helped simplify the travel of more than 15 thousand professionals and small entrepreneurs in Brazil, this area is really promising.

“This professional relationship format allows people to provide services to different companies, both Brazilian and international, or start their own business without much difficulty. In addition to autonomy and geographical freedom, it is a working dynamic that brings real growth opportunities ”, she underlines.

What is it like to work as a PJ in IT

Recruitment in the PJ model takes place with a service provision contract which provides for rights, duties and benefits that go beyond the traditional ones.

There are two possibilities for IT to act as a PJ: hiring exclusively by one company or providing services to several companies. More often than not, the IT professional who acts as a PJ, but is hired by a company, is providing services remotely.

On the other hand, the freedom, flexibility and possibilities of providing services for different companies in one segment are some of the advantages of working in PJ mode.

“Acting without an exclusive bond offers flexibility to those who want to diversify their income and have peace of mind with finances and the future. The possibility of organizing one’s own work dynamics is the differential most sought after by people. When geographical barriers and working hours are not part of the routine, it becomes much easier to pursue one’s goals”, concludes Marchesano.

The expert has listed recommendations and guidelines for those who want to follow this path.

Choosing the ideal type of company to work as a PJ

“The professional who wants to work as a PJ in IT is free to choose the legal form. The law does not determine a type. The ideal is to analyze with the support of an accountant what is the business method and the tax composition that best suits your needs. The only problem is that the IT professional cannot become MEI, so this option must be discarded,” she explains.

Options include:

  • • Sole proprietorship

The Sole Proprietorship is a modality that covers micro and small enterprises. The annual billing limit to become MEI is BRL 81 thousand, BRL 360 thousand for ME and BRL 4.8 million for EPP.

“The IE can only be made up of one person, i.e. there is no need to have partners. Furthermore, there is no patrimonial separation between PF and PJ, therefore the entrepreneur himself is responsible for all the actions of the legal entity”, explains Marchesano.

  • • SLU (Limited Liability Company with Single Shareholder)

One of the lesser known to entrepreneurs, SLU is a business model that differs from EI by separating the assets of individuals and entities, as well as being able to open more than one company as an SLU.

“It’s a great modality for professionals who aim to provide different types of services to other companies,” underlines the expert.

  • • Limited company

This is the famous srl, a company that can be made up of two or more people. In a limited liability company, the partners are jointly liable for the share capital of the company, based on the number of shares held by each of the organization’s business partners.

  • • Anonymous society

In the joint stock company, known as an S/A, the capital is distributed among the shareholders and the shares can be made available on the stock exchange.

Be prepared to handle responsibilities

Starting a business goes beyond just serving your customers.

“With the CNPJ active, it is important to keep an eye on the tasks that regularize the activity, such as issuing invoices, updating the payment of taxes under the tax regime, filing income tax and disbursing contributions to the INSS on own owning or investing in a private pension,” he explains.

Make a contract for all the work you do

According to Marchesano, this tip seems obvious, but it makes all the difference.

“Drafting good contracts adds more security and professionalism to the job. With the document it is possible to define essential points such as scope of work, amounts due, deadline for deliveries, access to software and tools, payment methods and cancellation conditions”, concludes the specialist.

Source: Terra

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