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Tonight on TV: Jean Dujardin is 1m40 tall!

When Laurent Tirare was approached by producer Vanessa van Zuilen to direct the remake of the Argentine film Corazón de León, directed by Marcos Carnevale in 2013, he was not very enthusiastic about the project. But after viewing it, the director is captivated by the plot, which he finds powerful subject matter and real emotional potential.

Its French adaptation released in 2016 was called A man at the height, so it updates the story: Diane, a very beautiful woman, a brilliant lawyer, recently divorced, is finally free to meet the man of her life. Quite by chance, he receives a phone call from a certain Alexander, polite, funny, obviously cultured… the meeting quickly ends. But the meeting doesn’t go quite as planned as Diane realizes that Alexander is 1m40 tall.

Interested in the emotional aspect and the technical challenge of such a role, Jean Dujardin very quickly accepted the role of the main male character. If a 1m40 man was used as a double on set, a lot of special effects and special effects were needed to reduce the 1m82 actor to the screen, using green screens or thanks to proportional games.

To save its effect, Laurent Thirard kept the filming of A man at height a secret, so that not a single small image of Jean Dujardin was revealed until the teaser was released. And it’s clear that the rendering is stunning, even destabilizing.

It’s also something that lends credibility to the film, which tackles societal prejudices through humor while not shying away from real questions, especially about the game of seduction. Because the comedy is accompanied by romance, which works perfectly thanks to the chemistry between Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira – the latter is a regular in the genre.

A Man Worthy of Laurent Thirard with Jean Dujardin, Virginie Efira, Cédric Kahn…

Tonight on W9 at 9.05pm.

Source: Allocine

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