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The 3 reasons why Tom Cruise is the king of cinema

We review the reasons why Tom Cruise is the true king of cinema as we prepare for the landing of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Mission Impossible: Death Sentence – Part One’.

    Tom Cruise is not a star Tom Cruise is THE STAR. Funny, dedicated, controversial and fast, the actor has been the protagonist for forty years wherever he goes, launching franchises that always work better than expected and running from one place to another with a clear objective: that we have a good time.

    Thomas Cruise Mapother IV He was born in Syracuse, New York, on July 3, 1962. He lived a tough childhood due to the abuse of a father that only ended when he finally settled with his mother and sisters in Kentucky. A disaster in the studies due to dyslexia, he considered the idea of ​​entering a Franciscan monastery but, luckily for everyone, the acting bug knocked on his door and, at the age of 19, he moved to Los Angeles to try his luck in Hollywood.

    His career began alongside Sean Penn in ‘Taps, beyond honor‘ (Harold Becker, 1981), but it was in 1983 that the legend really began with the double premiere of ‘rebels‘ (Francis Ford Coppola) and ‘Risky Business‘ (Paul Brickman).

    His successes in the 80s made him an icon that would be impossible to escape from that decade but, somehow, Cruise managed to extend his stardom decade by decade, trying his luck in all kinds of movies until he became the cerebral leader of cinema of current action and in greater adrenaline junkie of the red carpet.

    With ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ (Joseph Kosinski, 2022) coming to the billboard and the trailer for ‘Mission Impossible: Deadly Sentence – Part One‘ (Christopher McQuarrie, 2023) sweeping the networks, we review the three fundamental reasons why every movie buff should adore Tom Cruise, no matter how much controversies and popularity can make us twist our noses. Because as long as Tom keeps rolling, long live the king!

    Blockbusters: adored by the public

    The public quickly won him over. Star forracarpetas after ‘Top Gun (Idols of the air)‘ (Tony Scott, 1996), ‘Cocktail‘ (Roger Donaldson, 1998) and ‘interview with the vampire‘ (Neil Jordan, 1994), the good box office figures have continued to accompany the interpreter during these four decades with hits like ‘Minority report‘ (Steven Spielberg, 2002), ‘The last Samurai‘ (Edward Zwick, 2003), ‘War of the Worlds‘(Steven Spielberg, 2005)’edge of tomorrow‘ (Doug Liman, 2014) and, of course, each of the installments of the saga that began with ‘Mission Impossible‘ (Brian De Palma, 1996) and whose latest installment ‘Impossible Mission: Fallout‘ (Christopher McQuarrie, 2018) broke his own records with more than 790 million dollars raised.

    eyes wide shut

    5 stars – adored by critics

    The critics have not come out unscathed from the charms of an actor who, in addition, has managed to work alongside the greatest directors of the moment. His work on titles like ‘the color of money‘ (Martin Scorsese, 1986), ‘rain man‘ (Barry Levinson, 1988), ‘some good men‘(Rob Reiner, 1992)’Eyes Wide Shut‘ (Stanley Kubrick, 1999) and ‘Collateral‘ (Michael Mann, 2004), in addition to the productions that made Cruise take home the occasional award.

    Prize Shelf – Adored by Academics

    He has also managed to dazzle academics who, although they have not yet awarded him an Oscar, have nominated him three times, twice for best leading actor for ‘born on the fourth of july‘ (Oliver Stone, 1989) and ‘Jerry Maguire‘ (Cameron Crowe, 1996) and one for best supporting actor for ‘Magnolia‘ (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1999). For these last two, at least, he took home two separate Golden Globes.

    But the definitive proof of love for the actor from all walks of life has been experienced at the seventy-fifth edition of the Cannes Film Festival which, in addition to hosting the premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ (Joseph Kosinski, 2022), was the stage on which the actor received (by surprise) the Honorary Palme d’Or and a standing ovation from a dedicated audience.

    cannes, france may 18 tom cruise attends a ceremony as he receives a palme d'or during the 75th annual cannes film festival at palais des festivals on may 18, 2022 in cannes, france photo by andreas rentzgetty images

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