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Her father’s daughter at Cannes 2023: We love this story full of imagination, emotion and humor!

At the end of critics’ week, we found the nugget. Erwan Le Duc’s second feature (after Perdrix, which handsomely won the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, today’s Quinzaine des Cinéastes), Father’s Daughter depicts a father-daughter relationship full of poetry and freedom.

The story of Etienne, who was barely twenty years old when he fell in love with Valerie and not much older when their daughter Rosa was born. On the day Valerie leaves them, she chooses not to film the drama. Etienne and Rosa build a happy life. Sixteen years later, when a young girl has to go to school and it is necessary to separate so that everyone can live their lives, the past resurfaces.

Standing in the shoes of his stalwart but still damaged father, Nahuel Perez Biscayart (120bpm and Goodbye) is magical as the lanky, burlesque, eccentric Buster Keaton, who listens to those around him trying to stalk him. to determine what he feels or should feel.

Next to him, still as charming, Celeste Brunkel (revealed in Les Dazzled and better known for Therapy) is more reserved, but just as funny and above all bright as a young girl who clings to her father and their inimitable equality. Because they grew up together escaping the lack and neediness of others, the two are close.

A beautiful flashback game makes us delicately relive the birth of this unconditional relationship, full of tenderness. When the child must leave the nest, the question of emancipation that is deemed necessary revives the painful initial separation. And also suffering.

“This relationship of total trust, this transfer from a father to his daughter, really appealed to me. It’s a love story that I think is great with a real equal relationship and this physical resemblance where they’re both underage. We really aren’t. Know where they are in parenting and how they both build their lives out of their relationship.”, analyzes Celeste Brunkel during our meeting on the Croisette. He was disturbed by this story “Very Intimate Places”The young actor tells us that he was completely captivated by the director’s style, original world and sensitive proposal.

sensitive and nuanced. Because even if the background of his film is related to love and the loss of his mother, Erwan Le Duc remains on the same wavelength as his hero: he does not want to give too much space to drama in his subject matter. It takes itself seriously but balances the abundance of beautifully comedic scenes, fueled by hilarious and brilliant lines that look at sex, love and death.

A special mention to the invaluable supporting cast, from the epic poet boyfriend (Mohamed Lourid), to the disillusioned real estate agent boyfriend, to the mayor of a city in crisis (the brilliant Noemi Lvovsky) and the sane and calm lover (the moving Maude Wiley).

in this case, “Love Ain’t Lost” We get to the end of this fascinating opus, which is not devoid of hope and which, in terms of excited emotions, dares to end the opposite, at the same time as skillfully mixed romanticism, realistic poetry and funny drama. as desired.

Discover Erwan Le Duc’s first feature film:

Source: Allocine

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