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Fubar with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix: You’ll Never Guess What the Series Title Means!

At first glance, one might think that its title refers to the hero “angry” its main character. But no, the very first series starring action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger is aptly called Fubar!

This title does not even refer to the name of the hero embodied by the former governor of California, as one might think, but to the acronym of an American expression that has no French equivalent!

Fubar really means in English “Spoiled beyond recognition”which could be translated into our language “Corrupted beyond recognition”. Coined by American soldiers during World War II, this acronym is also used in the computing field to designate a device that can no longer be repaired (“Broken beyond repair”).

In the context of this series, the use of this acronym refers to the dysfunctional family of the main character Luke Brunner, an undercover CIA agent who is viewed by his family as a simple owner of a gym group.

His lies and many trips cost him his marriage, but he still hopes to use his retirement to win back his ex. His cover will be blown, however, when he discovers during his last mission that his own daughter is also working as a spy for the American government!

Fubar, the first series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is now available on Netflix.

Discover the list of all series currently available on the platform!

Source: Allocine

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