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Un Si Grand Soleil preview: Monday, May 29, 2023 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil that airs tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read!

On Monday, May 29, 2023, on such a great sun…

Kira and Thais are interrogated

Beckett is on the line with Janet and tells her that the DA has given her the green light to investigate Beatrice’s treatment. An investigation has now begun against Tip Green. This news is reassuring to Janet as they have averted disaster with Beatrice.

Dr. Lewis points out that other people may die if they decide to stop treatment because of this company. Either way, he hopes Kira doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Clement tries to calm her down, explaining that in such a situation, the children involved in these cases are more victims than perpetrators. The police are interested in the people at the head of this company.

At the firm, Claudine informs Florent that her friend, Jules Dana’s mother, has asked her to represent Tip Green. However, he refused when he heard that Kira was also affected. He does not want to create any kind of conflict of interest in case of procedures in the firm. Florent thanks him.

Thais and Kira are going to be questioned by the police. Florent informs Anthony Collignon, Tais’s father, that his daughter is of legal age and cannot accompany him during the interrogation. They explain to them that the two teenagers face up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros if the cause of illegal pharmaceutical and medicine activities remains.

Florent still wants to reassure Kira and Tais. He sets out to prove that the two young women are not responsible for what happened to Beatrice. He informs them and advises them to tell the truth to the police and realize that they have been manipulated. They are responsible for it at the head of the network.

After interrogating Beatrice on her hospital bed, Ian overhears Tyce and Kira in the interrogation room in Florent’s presence. The two teenagers confirm that they told Beatrice that berberine might be useful for diabetes, but they never advised her to stop taking it.

Ian then asks them if they have any special knowledge about treating diabetes, but they don’t. Tice assures the policeman that it was Jules who told them about it.

Ian then asks Kira to confirm, but she claims she doesn’t remember. In the presence of Jules Dana, a confrontation is arranged to find out the whole story.

The latter assures Ian that he has always been very clear with his vendors. Tip Green is a dietary supplement supplier, not a pharmaceutical company. He confirms that he has never told or asked his sellers to claim that supplements can replace medical treatment.

Tice interjects to remind her that she agreed with them, saying that the capsules were just as effective as the potion. Jules complains that the young woman wants to force him to wear the hat.

Kira, who has been silent throughout the interrogation, claims that she has no recollection of how Jules lied to them. At the exit of the police station, Thais angrily scolds his friend for letting Jules tell them without saying a word and for allowing himself to be blinded by the young man’s love for him.

Florent then questions his adopted daughter, asking if she is in love with Jules. Kira argues and confides in Florent that they have a lot in common. But he falls from the height when his father tells him that Jules’ mother is alive. Kira blames herself for being so naive.

Chloe complains to Evan.

Evan is better and apologizes to Robin for the spectacle he has put on her these past few days. Robin reassures his father that this situation is not his fault. Evan thinks it’s necessary to move on now that Chloe has made a choice. Then Robin realizes that her parents are facing divorce.

In the morning, Evan gets a call from Chloe. There is only misunderstanding and misunderstanding between them. Chloe asks her husband to stop harassing her and warns him. If he didn’t stop, he wouldn’t let it go. Evan does not understand what he is talking about and accuses him of delusion. He then asks his wife to leave him and Robin alone before hanging up.

A few steps away at the law firm, Claudine informs François Lamiere that his former colleague is dropping the charges against him. He then offers her to invest the funds planned for the clinic in the building, but she prefers to keep the money for now. She hopes that Evan will come back to her.

Meanwhile, Chloe reunites with Mark. She confides in him that she feels like she’s reached a breaking point with Evan. He also takes it very badly that Robin hates him and doesn’t want to see him anymore. Chloe bursts into tears in Mark’s arms, who tries to comfort her as best he can.

It was then that Chloe received an email from her bank informing her that the credit process was in progress. Chloe immediately calls Leticia, who informs her that her husband wants to resume his private clinic project.

He informs Leticia that he is refusing to pay Evan’s loan. The latter asks him to send his withdrawal request as soon as possible.

Laetitia then calls Evan to warn him that she will never accept a loan request without Chloe’s agreement. The doctor blames it… Lauryn, who has joined Evan, offers to convince her father to vouch for him.

However, Evan doubts that she will agree after what happened. He is also afraid of being at his mercy. Lauryn assures the doctor that he is wrong about her father and that she will be there to make sure everything is going to be okay.

After dark, another bully text on Chloe’s phone tells her she’ll pay for everything she’s done. She decides to go to the police station and asks to see Ellis. She comes to file a complaint against Evan.

Source: Allocine

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