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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Monday 29 May 2023 Episode 674 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES IT ALL BEGINS Monday night on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read!

On Monday, May 29, everything starts here…

Hortense tries to manage her crises

At breakfast, Eugene receives Hortense’s test results. This is better than before the weekend, but his potassium level is still abnormally low. Very worried about the risk of heart disease, Eugene urges his daughter to be honest with him. Hortense then admits to her mother that she is in a really delicate position when it comes to food.

Hortense explains that she eats a little more than usual, but is careful not to vomit. Eugene wants his daughter to be taken care of immediately, especially since she is under a lot of stress at the institute. But Hortense promises her that she now knows better how to listen to herself. He manages to convince his mother to trust him, on the condition that he warns her in case of a crisis.

In the atelier, Hortense works on the sauce, which she tastes to test the seasoning. He cannot take several spoonfuls in a row. Before it slips completely, the girl catches herself and throws the entire preparation into the sink. Elder Guino, who surprises him at this point, comes from him, especially worried about the pressure he is under. Hortense confirms that everything is fine before going to the convenience store to get spices for her cooking. Guinot takes the opportunity to taste it behind his back and realizes that his sauce is excellent.

Later, Hortense teaches the first year around Ratatouille. But the latter are not very focused because of the upcoming exams. They ask Hortense for advice. He admits to them that it is impossible to revise everything. On the other hand, he advises them to learn how to manage stress, which will allow them to perform better in the kitchen. To demonstrate what she is saying, Hortense sets up a meditation session before moving on to the recipe.

At the end of the lesson, Hortense tastes her students’ dishes. He ends up with his sister, which is very successful. Vicki admits that she felt much more focused after meditating. The same applies to Solal. At the same time, Hortense hides her true embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Elder Guinot questions Mehdi Hortense’s behavior and suspects that the young woman is still having bouts of bulimia. Mehdi attributes the stress his girlfriend is currently experiencing to the discomfort she experienced on Friday. Chef Guino advises him to be vigilant.

Later, Mehdi finds Hortense in the park to tell her about his conversation with Guino. Hortense admits to Mehdi that she has some problems with food, but manages to stop in time and regain the upper hand. However, Mehdi wants him to slow down because stress is a factor in relapse. But Hortense doesn’t want to give up her position as a substitute or fail Teissier in the exams. He just asks his girlfriend to support him in this difficult time. Holding her, Mehdi notices that Hortense is feverish.

After which Mehdi goes to Teisier’s office, whom he accuses of putting too much pressure on Hortense. Facing the director’s questions, Mehdi tells him that his girlfriend is falling back into bulimia and she needs help…

David and Deva celebrate six months

In the park, Kelly, David and Deva discuss together. The latter do not stop kissing and saying sweet nothings to each other, which upsets their comrade. David defends himself by saying that this is normal at the beginning of a relationship. Deva announces that they’ve been together for six months now, then goes to Double A to set up a service. David then confides in Kelly that he’s never stayed with a girl as long as he has with Deva.

Later, Kelly arrives to apologize to David for playing the killjoy. Seeing that he has been writing a piano love song with Deva for six months, Kelly urges him to play it for her. David begins the text where he compares his romantic relationship to the longest relationship he’s ever had: with his right hand. Kelly advises him to avoid talking about masturbation and settle for the piano.

Suddenly inspired, David arrives at Double A with his portable piano while Deva is in the middle of a briefing. The young man obliges and sings her a recital in which she declares her feelings for him. Deva is very disturbed by his gesture. The charm is broken by the arrival of Inesta, who has come to install the restaurant’s first customers.

At the end of the service, the room master gives Deva and David soap for their lack of professionalism. He reserves an exemplary sanction for them.

Samia receives an answer to her statement

At the studio, Axel, Billy, Ethan and Samia cook together to prepare for the exams. Tensions quickly arise between the two exes. Indeed, while Ethan tells amusing anecdotes about the recipe, Samia is very adamant about the instructions. Finally, the girl prefers to leave the studio.

Billy meets her in the hallway and takes the opportunity to apologize for what he said to her last week. At least Samia realizes that she is doing a lot in her corner. Two friends reconciled. Billy offers Samia to come back to the studio to work with them, but Samia doesn’t want to be around Ethan.

After the cooking session, Ethan offers Axel and Billy a drink. If the former agrees, the latter prefers to join Samia.

In the park, Billy helps Samia look over. At the same time, the latter receives a message: accepted at Villa Medici! Samia can’t believe it and is happy, while Bill enthusiastically congratulates her.

Source: Allocine

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