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Visions on TF1: Louane makes an amazing announcement on the final scene of the series

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Visions, which airs this Monday evening on TF1. If you do not want to understand anything, do not read!

After three weeks of broadcasting, Visions, the new TF1 event series hosted by Luan and Sufia Guerraib (Lupine), ended tonight with the end of the sixth and final episode, which finally gave all the answers the viewers had been waiting for on the subject. Death of little Lily and Sarah’s past.

In a battle with time to save Diego (Leon Durier), Sarah, a font executed by Luan, thus confronted a killer who was none other than Stephen Moran, a character played by Julien Boiselier (Layout). An annoying scene in which Morandi tries to kill Sarah by strangulation. And who has not left the best memories of The BĂ©lier Family star.

“This trick scene was very difficult for me”Recognizes Luan, whom we met a few weeks ago while promoting Visions. “Crushing the game and dragging it to the floor is hard. This is a scene where they try to kill me. Of course, they did not try to kill me in real life (laughs). After all, it’s not something. It was an easy game at all. It was very intense. Then I cried (laughs) “.

“Fortunately, the next one is very beautiful”Continues the actor and singer who found his first role in the series here. “When all the dead show up in Diego. It was wonderful what happened after Leon’s arrival. But we did not shoot it all at once. It was very difficult. And then it was our last scene together. Leon, so we cried a lot. It was very exciting to be apart.”.

While the second season of Visions is currently being written, there is nothing to say that this sequel will see the light of day as it is the audience of the six episodes of the first season that will motivate or not TF1 to order season 2.

Meanwhile, Visions closes the last scene where Sarah, who is walking in the field with Diego, sees her dead parents and realizes that they are at peace. Allows him to close the painful head in his life and move on.

And if this last scene between Luan and Leon Dourier is very beautiful, it contains a pretty awesome filming anecdote that Sarah Sovant’s translator revealed to us in an interview!

“There were no flowers in the field”Trust Luan about this sequence where Sarah and Diego are still surrounded by flowers in a huge field. “The flowers were placed one by one in the field, it was amazing. I’m not kidding at all. There were no flowers. Each flower was hand-placed by the decoration team. It was totally crazy. But there was still a lot of decorating work on this whole series.”.

Quite a fun and surprising detail that is certainly overlooked when you first see the scene, without knowing that a similar process was used by the scenery team at Visions. It is called television magic! Even if someone is definitely wondering why the production was not aimed at just scouting a location in a flower field.

This scene can in any case be viewed and discussed on Salto, which offers all six episodes of Visions to its subscribers.

Source: allocine

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