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Mano reveals Internacional’s fall in Copa do Brasil, but avoids addressing the physical problem

Tecnico even says that the performance in the draw makes an Inter ‘absurd’ to eliminate

There was no lack of detailed explanations from coach Mano Menezes after the defeat on penalties, against América-MG, which cost Internacional the elimination in the Copa do Brasil, this Wednesday, in Beira-Rio. For him, points such as greater aggressiveness in marking and ability to concentrate were decisive in preventing the team from leaving the field with a place in the quarter-finals, even after a dream first half:

– The most important thing in that play was that we left the side charge two to one (scorers). Here is our problem. We should be there. They were supposed to be two by two. Why weren’t we two times two? This is where a little tiredness, wear and tear of the player who chooses to do the simplest and most comfortable thing comes into play.

– Today’s match requires you to be aggressive in marking all the time. If we look at the profile of goals conceded recently, the player has almost always had time to control the ball, adjust and raise his head. So we conceded goals against San Paolo, against Athletico-PR, at home… When the Brazilian player, from Serie A, has time to dominate, fix the ball and raise his head, he’ll create a complication. When we did, John didn’t make any saves. And it was a moment in which there was a risk, Mancini had filled the team with forwards – he added -.

When asked about how the decline in millionaire national competition could affect Colorado’s ability to be competitive on the remaining fronts (Libertadores and Brasileirão), Mano understands that there are also factors related to ‘small details’ that must be considered:

– The question of the tournament is what happened to Inter and all the others, fighting on penalties. It is to always play like this, grow and learn from these details. As, for example, happened in Belo Horizonte (first leg with América-MG) where we made our chance of qualifying very difficult. You cannot, in decisive matches, be as fragile in the end as we were. And then there are the consequences. In the same way that this happens against, it can also happen for. When we win we forget about it, but when we lose it becomes more evident, more painful. Normally we like to analyze the result and watch the performance and, in the 180 minutes, it’s very absurd that Internacional didn’t progress from América-MG to the quarter-finals. It’s very absurd.

In the week that physical coach Flávio de Oliveira was reinstated to the club’s staff, indicating dissatisfaction with the work recently done by Jean Carlo Lourenço, Mano Menezes avoided pointing out possible problems with the squad’s conditioning. Something that, for him, might sound like a pretext to reduce his share of guilt amidst the recent string of negative results:

– The responsibility for what is happening lies with all of us who are here. I prefer not to indicate this or that, it is everyone’s responsibility. I don’t want to talk more about the physics issue because every time you lose a game or don’t reach the goal and you keep working on the physics issue, it seems like I want to exempt myself from my responsibilities. And I don’t want it. We must all assume our responsibilities and think about the future.

Source: Terra

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