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LGBT characters who have left their mark on screens

Over time, its visibility LGBT characters in series, movies and soap operas has become more relevant.

Some of these performances have managed to not only become a landmark on television, but have also earned a special place among viewers.

The audience’s affection and support for the community has made these stories, which only consisted of a few scenes per chapter, now more important.

To celebrate LGBT Pride month, we’re listing some of the queer performances that have made their mark.

Aristemo on My husband has more family

Although the story of Aristemos, a fictional couple formed by Aristotle ( Emilio Osorio) and fear ( Joaquin Bodoni), was not the main plot of the story he produced John Osoriothe reality is that it was placed in the public’s taste, and became a real phenomenon in social networks.

“My husband has a family,” whatever you can see complete in ViXis a romantic comedy that tells the story of Julieta and Robert, a couple with a life whose success is based on respect and communication, however, this is interrupted when they accidentally move to Oaxaca and there they meet Robert’s adoptive family.


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Rafael and Rodrigo to Papa, a terror

Protagonist Maite Perroni and Sebastian Rulli, father to all mother It was one of the first melodramas to feature a same-sex couple Andres Zunot and Raul Coronadowhose characters must face the discrimination of which they are prey.

This story is about four fathers from different generations and walks of life who will be forced to face and explore an unknown face of fatherhood that begins with an unexpected role reversal with the mothers of their children.

enjoy everything chapters of this plot from ViX.

Martín and Tomás in The Successful Pérez

Produced by Jose Alberto “El Güero” Castrotells the story and ups and downs of two news anchors who marry for publicity.

Martin Perez, who he plays Jamie CamilleHe is an arrogant and manipulative man and the most famous news anchor in the country who has a public relationship with a woman but behind the scenes is in love with Tomás ( Jose Ron), the son of the owner of the news channel where he works.

Get to know the details of this interesting story and see all his chapters on ViX.

Freddy in class 406

This coming-of-age story follows the lives of a group of young people in their teenage years and the strong bond they forge with their math teacher Francisco Romero, played by Jorge Poza.

One of the subplots deals with how one of the students comes out of the closet, which added to the success of this novel as it was one of the first to deal with this theme.

During the melodrama, Freddy’s character goes through many difficulties to be accepted, not only by his family but also by his friends.

In ViX you can see it entire chapters of this young story.


7 Must-See LGBT-Themed Movies

Alex in Before dead than Lichita

here is the actor vilard vortex gives life to a boy who hides his sexual orientation and who after a few years returns to Mexico after living in the United States due to love disappointment.

The soap opera stars Maite Perroni and Arath of the Towerand what you can see in ViX, tells the story of Alicia Gutiérrez who works at Icónika, the most important advertising agency in Latin America. There, Lihita, as she is known, is bullied and exploited by all her colleagues.

Jean Marie in True Loves

THE ACTOR Ruben Branco She plays Jean Marie in Amores Verdaderos, where she gives life to the cook of the Balvanera mansion and is also the partner of Stefano Longoria, son of businesswoman Odet Longoria.

The soap opera in production Nicandro Diaz was one of the first to show gay marriage in a melodrama.

This adaptation stars Erika Buenfil, Eduardo Yáñez, Eiza González, Sebastián Rulli and You can see it completed in ViX.

Ulises and Roberto in Sortilegio

The producer Carla Estrada included in this drama is Odysseus, a villain with bisexual preferences, played by Julian Gill.

The character is a ruthless and quite controversial villain who conveys a strong and clear message. In the plot he has a bond with Roberto Castelar, a role in his hands Marcelo Cordova.

enjoy whole chapters of this love and intrigue novel by ViX.

Mario Espinoza and Itzi in Las Pelotaris

This drama tells the story of a group of pioneering women in the Basque sport of peloton who broke barriers in a male-dominated world.

In 1926, a year in which sexual freedom was taboo, Mario is a gay man who marries the athlete Itchi and together they travel to the Basque Country to pursue Ane, who is the athlete’s true forbidden love.

Don’t miss it episodes of this series from ViX.

Source: univision

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