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Consuming Fire: A Documentary About the Real Case of Rosa Peral is also on Netflix

Topping Netflix’s viewership charts, Devoured by Flames is the platform’s new Spanish hit. Written by Laura Sarmiento and directed by Jorge Torrego and Laura Mania, this eight-episode crime drama is based on one of Spain’s darkest and most sinister stories of recent years: a municipal police crime case.

This news is about a young woman named Rosa Peral, a police officer who was arrested for the murder of her friend Pedro Rodríguez, who was found burned in a car in 2017.

The young woman was allegedly helped by her lover Albert Lopez to kill her boyfriend, and the investigation revealed a web of toxic relationships, lies, violence and sex scandals that made headlines.

The case, which caused an uproar in Spain, sentenced Rosa Peral to 25 years in prison and Albert López to 20 years. The two defendants, who had to pay 885,000 euros in compensation to the victim’s family, are currently in custody.

The series Devoured by Flames returns to these terrible stories and tells us about the probable events between the three main characters. Between love triangles, corruption, revenge, and family drama, the Netflix fiction had something to intrigue subscribers in addition to solid casting (Ursula Corbero and José Manuel Poga from La Casa de Papel and Quim Gutiérrez).

If you enjoyed the mini-series, a documentary about the case is also available on the platform.

Discover the documentary on the case of Rosa Peral!

Titled From Prison: Rosa’s Version, the documentary gives the key person the floor as it is his first interview since his conviction in 2020 following a controversial trial. From his prison, an ex-cop discusses an affair that has revealed an incredible romantic imbroglio.

The documentary is highlighted by a sequence of interviews with Rosa Peral, conducted by FaceTime, of short duration as she was only allowed 10 minutes per call from prison.

He explains from his point of view the ins and outs of the case and what he experienced after Pedro’s death, in particular the media treatment of the woman he called the “Black Widow”.

In the film, subscribers can also discover archival footage such as daily video taken by the victim Pedro, trial transcripts and television news footage, as well as exclusive testimony from experts, the prosecutor, Rosa’s lawyer, her father and journalists. .

The documentary From Prison: Rosa’s Version and the miniseries Eaten by Flames are available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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