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The most powerful Xbox series will arrive in 2024 and the next generation in 2027

The leaks indicate that Microsoft wants to launch a more powerful Xbox series in 2024, with the next generation arriving in 2027 with AMD Zen 6 and RDNA5 architectures

The leak of confidential documents from Microsoft point out that the company plans to launch new versions of the Xbox Series X and Series S in 2024, offering more powerful versions of the consoles. Furthermore, the next generation would arrive in 2027 using the architectures AMD Zen6 of APU, with RDNA5 graphics.

Microsoft’s release roadmap for the next fiscal year calls for two simultaneous releases for September 2024, with prices of US$299 and US$499. Codenamed Ellewood and Brooklin, the projects would be cross-generational versions of Xbox Series and S Series.

The next generation of Microsoft consoles is expected to use AMD APUs with Zen 6 and RDNA 5 architectures (Image: Microsoft via ResetEra/Reproduction)

Problematic editorial policy

While many games are far from exploiting the full potential of the Series S Series. One of the terms defined by Xbox leadership is that every game released for the Series 100% with the less powerful version.

Therefore, Baldur’s Gate 3 It hasn’t reached Microsoft consoles yet, as the Series S was initially unable to run split-screen multiplayer. This would limit an important part of the gaming experience, violating the terms of publication on the platform.

The inability to run Baldur's Gate 3 in split screen on the Series S delayed the release for Microsoft consoles.  (Image: Larian Studios/Reproduction)

Apparently Larian Studios has already addressed the issue and is preparing to present it Baldur’s Gate 3 for the Xbox series. However, the incident made it clear that this internal policy of launching games on Microsoft platforms creates a limitation in the generation due to the more modest hardware of the budget model.

With the arrival of a mid-generation in September 2024, Microsoft is expected to raise the bar in terms of technology S Series for the X Seriesor even Project Ellewood, depending on your hardware. This would ensure that developers have more resources to work with and release games at the same time for the Xbox series, PlayStation 5 and who knows, also for Nintendo Switch 2.

Xbox Series S Ellewood can raise the minimum threshold for launching games on Xbox Series platforms, avoiding unnecessary delays.  (Image: Microsoft via ResetEra/Playback)

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Xbox series will no longer receive these titles. However, companies will have more time to optimize their games for weaker consoles without resorting to delays due to a contractual clause.

Microsoft via ResetEra

Microsoft via ResetEra

Microsoft via ResetEra

Microsoft via ResetEra

Microsoft via ResetEra

Source: ResetEra

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