The Good Doctor on TF1: Desperate Housewives is coming to tonight’s episode and you’ll see him again!

Almost 4 years after her last TV appearance on the Netflix series In Their Eyes, Felicity Huffman, aka Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives, is gearing up for her big return to the small screen in Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 16. The show airs this Wednesday, September 27, from 10:50pm on TF1.

In October 2019, the actor was at the center of a university admissions scandal that earned him 14 days in jail, a $30,000 fine and 250 hours of community service.

If he was more cautious after that event, ABC offered him the chance to return to the forefront of what could have been the first Good Doctor spin-off.

A spin-off of a law firm

entitled “in the dockSeason 6 episode 16 of the medical series is actually a backdoor pilot that introduces two new characters played by Felicity Huffman and Kennedy McMann (seen in Nancy Drew).

They could be the stars of The Good Lawyer, a spin-off fiction that follows a young lawyer suffering from OCD who must find his place at a prestigious firm.

In this episode, written by David Shore and Liz Friedman, two Good Doctor showrunners, and directed by Ruben Fleischer, Dr. Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is sued for medical malpractice by a patient whose life he saved but blames. who cut off one hand in vain.

Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) recommends his protégé to a lawyer, Janet Stewart (Felicity Huffman), who advises Sean to agree to a settlement. But the doctor meets Janet’s assistant, Johnny de Groot (Kennedy McMann), who suffers from OCD.

Their experiences and experiences make Sean decide, against Glassman’s advice, to choose her, not Janet, to represent him in court: he’d rather clear his name than accept a deal that would ruin his case and make his peer review feel like a regression.

Is the project on hold?

ABC has been trying to expand the Good Doctor universe for a few years now, as it previously managed to do with Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off Station 19 and The Rookie with The Rookie: Feds .

Unfortunately, with the actors’ and writers’ strike paralyzing Hollywood for several months and thus delaying the filming of all of the channel’s series, ABC may choose, without a good lawyer, to concentrate on the fiction already in progress. At this time, the network has not announced any news about this spin-off… to be continued.

Catch three new episodes of The Good Doctor every Wednesday from 21:10 on TF1. The first 5 seasons are available on Prime Video and Netflix.

Source: Allocine