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“Lightyear” is banned in three countries for lesbian kissing


The new Disney / Pixar animation “Lightyear” has been banned from showing in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. The movie derived from the popular “Toy Story” franchise cannot be screened in these countries because it includes a kiss between two women.

“Lightyear” features a lesbian character named Alisha and shows her kissing and creating a family with her partner.

It was the first time that an animation distributed by Disney included a scene of same-sex affection.

Ironically, the studio even cut the kiss while developing the project. But in a twist he now refuses to cancel it to allow the film to be shown in countries that don’t tolerate the LGBTQIA + community.

This decision came after Disney addressed its own issues with the topic, amid complaints from Pixar animators about censorship against their portrayal efforts and in the midst of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law controversy, which prohibits the teaching of gender-identity issues in state primary schools. Disney even funded those responsible for drafting the law before being pushed by the arts community to condemn this initiative.

The film was initially approved for release in the United Arab Emirates, where restrictions on censorship are easing. However, the license to display it was revoked after religious groups began organizing protests on social media accusing Disney and “Lightyear” of insulting Muslims and Islam.

The animation arrives in Brazilian theaters next Thursday (16/6), bringing the voice of Marcos Mion to the national dubbing.

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