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2 billion dollars in 47 years: one of the best film sagas reaches a historic milestone!

It’s official, Adonis Creed is back for a 4th battle in the heart of the cinematic ring! Part 3, released in March 2023, is the biggest commercial success with $275 million worldwide.

In total, the trilogy grossed $663 million internationally. If we combine the saga of Rocky + Creed, this figure increases to 2 billion!

Michael B. Jordan, who plays the title character in Creed, has moved on to direct Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple Jr. Speaking to Deadline, saga producer Irwin Winkler confirmed that the artist will return for Creed 4!

“We plan to do that Creed 4 as fast as possible. We have a very good story and a good plot. We’re a little late because of the strikes, but we’ll start pre-production in about a year. Michael B. Jordan did a great job, he was comfortable on camera.Irwin Winkler emphasized.

Therefore, the project was officially launched. Will Sylvester Stallone, aka The Rock, whose presence in Creed 3 is sorely missed by fans, be there? Nothing less than certain, Michael B. Jordan often claimed that he wanted to break free from the aura of the Italian stallion.

With or without Rocky?

“There’s always going to be the soul and essence of Rock in this saga. Adonis Creed will always have a bit of Rock. However, this is the Creed franchise. We really wanted to build this story and this world around him. Adonis allowed him to move forward, to emancipate himself “Michael B. Jordan told IGN.

Stallone, on the other hand, is quite bitter. The Italian Stallion translator expressed his displeasure with the direction the franchise has taken under Michael B. Jordan. The 77-year-old actor discussed the Creed 3 team’s decisions regarding the story and the rivalry between Adonis and Damian (Jonathan Majors).

“It’s a sad situation because I know what could have been. They took the exact opposite direction than I would have taken. This is another philosophy, from Irwin Winkler and Michael B. of Jordan.

I wish them luck, but I’m much more sentimental. I like my characters to hit, but I don’t want them to go into that dark space. I think society already sees enough darkness.”Stallone explained in a THR column.

In addition, the actor is in full conflict with the owners of the rights to the Rocky saga, the family of Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff. “I am not the executive producer of the Creed films. Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are. Irwin Winkler’s children and Robert Chartoff they are. not mine I’m the only one left”Sly confided bitterly, trying to restore the child’s rights.

Despite these various disagreements, Michael B. Jordan isn’t closing the door on The Rock’s return in the future and a possible Creed 4. “I think there’s always a possibility that Sly, that rock, could come back.

That’s one of the amazing things about this character. Bringing him back would make sense in any story since it all comes from the world of rock.– he told Sports Illustrated.

To see if Sly would be interested despite the different take on the stories and characters, aside from the rights war. However, you’ll have to be patient as pre-production will only begin in a year. Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan will star in I Am Legend 2 alongside Will Smith.

Source: Allocine

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