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Christopher Nolan, of Oppenheimer, warns of the danger of works disappearing in streaming

Christopher Nolan, director of “Oppenheimer” and other renowned films, such as “Inception” and “Batman: The Dark Knight”, has not hidden his fears about streaming and what happens when works available only in online format leave the market. catalogues.

He previously talked about how he’s planning the physical release of “Oppenheimer” so that “no evil streaming thing takes it away from you,” and in a new interview with The Washington Posthe reinforced his warning.

Christopher Nolan: streaming vs. physical support

What happens when a work only available for streaming is removed from the catalogue? That’s what happened recently, with HBO Max dropping titles to save money. Disney+ and Paramount+ have also canceled productions and removed them from the service, leaving them with nowhere to watch them.

Nolan previously spoke at an event that he is planning a version of “Oppenheimer” exclusive to the DVD format, so that fans can “buy it and have it on their shelf, so no evil streaming service can steal it.” at your place.”

In an interview with WPreiterated his concern for the fate of digital works when streaming companies decide to exclude them.

Nowadays there is a danger that if things only exist in the streaming version, they will be removed, they will come and go.

Christopher Nolan

He further explained that the previous statement (about evil streaming) was a joke, but strengthened the defense of physical media.

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