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The Hunger Games knocks Marvels off the lead at the Brazilian box office

The Hunger Games: The Song of Birds and Snakes raised almost R$10 million in the last few days on display

The Hunger Games: Song of Birds and Snakesnew film in the franchise created by Suzanne Collinstook down The Marvelsto the top of the Brazilian box office in its opening weekend. In recent days, the production raised R$9.9 million, increasing its earnings to R$15.2 million, due to the film’s early premiere on November 15th.

In sequence, The Marvelssequence of Captain Marvel (2019), grossed R$3.6 million in its second week on display; It is Five Nights at Freddy’s – The Neverending Nightmare continued to prove its success and raised R$2 million, placing third in the ranking, about a month after the debut of the adaptation of the video game of the same name.

In The Hunger Games: Song of Birds and Snakeswe go back sixty years to discover the history of Coriolanus Snow (Tom Blyth, Billy the Kid), who would go on to become the president of Panem. However, at this time, he is just one of the brilliant students at the Academy in the Capital, who is trying to lift his family out of poverty after war against the districts.

Trying to get money to go to college and have a better future, Snow is selected to be one of the mentors of Tributes in the 10th edition of the Hunger Games, who have been losing their prestige even among the inhabitants of the Capital. However, his chances of improving his life go down the drain when he is chosen to guide Lucy Gray Bairdfrom District 12.

Even with the difficult responsibility of making the skinny and eccentric girl the big winner of the Hunger Games, Snow decides to do his best, drawing attention to his Tribute, gaining patronage from the inhabitants of the Capital. However, unintentionally, he ends up falling in love with Lucy Gray, transforming his mission to win the Academy’s grand prize into an attempt to save his loved one’s life. Watch the trailer:

In addition to Tom Blyth It is Rachel Zeglerthe film’s cast also includes Peter Dinklage (game of Thrones), Viola Davis (The Suicide Squad), Jason Schwartzman (Asteroid City), Josh Andrés Rivera (Love sublime love) It is Hunter Schafer (Euphoria).

The Hunger Games: Song of Birds and Snakes is directed by Francis Lawrencewho directed three of the four films of Hunger Gamesand with a script Michael Arndt (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) It is Michael Lesslie (Assassin’s Creed). A Rolling Stone Brazil Have you seen the film and you can see what we think clicking here.

Source: Rollingstone

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