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The Girls Next Door in Secret Love Christmas Bonus: “It’s like no time has passed!”

On Sunday, December 10, Helen’s gang and the boys get together for the end of the year holidays for a very special Mystery of Love Christmas Eve! Many of the stars of AB Productions’ iconic 1990s sitcoms also visit the gang on TMC from 8 p.m.

Among them, Marie Chevalier, who fell in love with Sabine in the TV series The Girls Next Door. At the microphone of AlloCiné, the actor recalls this whole adventure and tells us behind the scenes of this reunion…

AlloCiné: Why did you agree to reprise the role of Sabine “secrets of love ?

Marie Chevalier: It’s a wink, it’s just an appearance (laughs) anyway, it was quite a pleasant surprise. Then that doesn’t mean there will be more… but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it either!

How exactly does your character appear?

The girls next door come to Jack’s studio and come face to face with Bradley Cole’s character. They wonder if they know each other… (laughs) After all these years, they doubt it! They seem to recognize each other but are not sure. It’s a little surreal in a good way. It’s nice, it’s funny, it’s light!

How do you see the saga?Helen and the boys“?

Well done already! I saw that it’s season 33 of Secrets of Love and there are still viewers it seems…I’m extremely impressed with Jean-Luc Azoulay, what a success! You still have to go… great talent.

return to “secrets of love“Would you be interested in a more extended version?”

Why not ? You should never say no and never swear that this or that will or will not happen.

How did your reunion with the ancients go?Girls next door“?

I saw Patricia Ellig again during this short day of filming. I met Cécile Auclet, who I didn’t know at all, because I played her without being the same character. He left the show the moment I arrived. I looked at it too Bradley Cole Whom I didn’t really know because I only got to do two or three episodes with him, no more.

As for Isabel Morisette, who is a friend, she was not there because she was engaged elsewhere. Adeline Blondio wasn’t there either, I imagine she lived there today. Christian Jean was on another set. In the end, Gerard Vives was not. I think he refused…

It’s like no time has passed, it’s crazy! It felt like I shot it the other day. This is madness! Something natural happened. It was quite nice and enjoyable.

Want to play the sequel? It became known that the project is being prepared…

True, then they contacted me to ask if I might be okay. I don’t know where it is at all. But in the idea, of course!

What’s it like going back in time to when AB Productions’ sitcoms became a phenomenon?

I cringe when I think about it. It was a happy time for me. However, I have no nostalgia. I don’t work like that because I’m forward-looking, looking forward rather than backward.

How have you experienced the end of this media storm and the return to a more “normal” life?

What do we call “normal” again? (laughs) I don’t know. You know, I always worked in front of the neighboring girls. I have done theater, presented a show, sang, film, television… I always, always, always worked.

The day the series ended coincided with the moment when I started a dense personal life. I had children and I took care of them 100%. So I went on with a kind of storm… different, of course, but still a storm.

What are your current projects?

Today I am more focused on writing. I have a film project about women’s history… but I can’t tell you more!

Source: Allocine

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