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The risk of thunderstorms increases in the South-East

Low pressure on the high seas will promote instability over the Grande SP, Baixada Santista, areas of southern Minas and Rio de Janeiro

The formation of a low pressure area in the high seas near the coast of São Paulo and the action of a large meteorological depression in the average levels of the atmosphere, stimulate the development of heavy clouds this Monday, December 11, over some areas of the Region Southeast.

The situation is DANGER in the capital of São Paulo and in areas of the metropolitan region of the state of São Paulo, as well as in the Baixada Santista. Conditions for rain showers are very high, especially during the morning and early afternoon hours. Thunderstorms and heavy rain accumulating in high quantities over a short period are possible with accumulations estimated between 40 and 70 mm, lightning and occasional strong wind gusts.

ATTENTION! There is a risk of disturbances such as the formation of floods and flash floods.

Furthermore, other areas of the State of Sao Paulo must also remain ALERT due to the high risk of heavy and/or stormy rains: other coastal areas, Vale do Paraíba, Serra da Mantiqueira, north of São Paulo and the regions of Campinas, Pirassununga and São Carlos.

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The trend is for rain to decrease in the afternoon in the eastern areas of São Paulo, while instability increases in other areas of the South-East. The day may still start with some sunshine in the city of Rio and the Médio Paraíba region, but it will rain again by mid-afternoon, with possible thunderstorms, and Monday will end more rainy and cloudy.

Be careful in the cities of Juiz de Fora, Itajubá, Pouso Alegre, Varginha and São João Del Rey, due to the risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms between late morning and early afternoon! Despite the rain, the weather is still muggy, which contributes to the formation of storm clouds.

Source: Terra

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