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Brad Pitt spent a year hunting for treasure on a French property

The actor even bought radar equipment and searched the property, but found nothing.

Brad Pitt he is an actor and owner of a winery, but he has also tried his hand as a treasure hunter. In an interview with QAthe star revealed that she spent a year searching for an alleged treasure buried on her property in southern France, the Miraval Castle. The restaurant, bought in 2008 with his then partner, Angelina Jolieis the headquarters of the winery specializing in a very expensive rosé wine.

According to the actor, a man informed him that millions of gold were buried in the castle, a medieval treasure that would be brought from the Levant region to France during the Crusades. “I became obsessed. For a year it was all I thought about, just the thrill of it all, ”said Pitt, who even bought radar equipment and scoured the property.

“Maybe it has something to do with where I grew up, because there were always stories of golden hiding places in the Ozark Mountains,” recalled the actor who later discovered that the man approached he was looking for money for some sort of radar company. However, it was “pretty silly in the end. It was just the chase that was exciting,” he concluded.

In the same interview, Brad Pitt also revealed that he is close to retirement.

Source: Terra

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