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The actor wore more than 90 costumes in the movie “Elvis”.

Austin Butler (“Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood”) wore over 90 costumes during the movie “Elvis” to portray himself as the King of Rock.

In an interview with Variety, costume designer Catherine Martin explained that there are two styles of clothing used in the Baz Luhrmann-directed film (from “Moulin Rouge”), spanning two decades. “Recreations of costumes that existed and other fancy dresses, which are a synthesis of the costumes she actually had and that help tell the story,” she explained.

Thus, in addition to the iconic pink rockabilly suit, there were more than 90 costumes used by the actor during production, all designed to facilitate movement and serve in a practical way for filming.

“The pink dress is a combination of a fabulous, heavily draped wool fabric with a very specific soft feel, almost like a cardigan over a jacket,” said Martin, explaining the materials used in the making.

As time went by and as Elvis grew in fame, the singer switched to wearing leather suits and jackets. Martin and his team collaborated with Kim and Butch Polston of US company B&K Enterprises, who faithfully recreated Elvis’ 70s stage outfits.

Martin had to adjust not only the proportion for the high neck, Napoleon style, adopted by the singer in the final phase of his career, but also the weight of the leather in some pieces.

Bill Belew, who was the NBC network’s costume designer at the time of the 1968 television special, was another key contributor to the production, revealing some secrets. On his famous TV show, Elvis appeared in an epochal black leather suit. But the famous biker jacket was made from horse leather, which gave it a thick garment feel. Since Martin and his team could no longer use this option, the solution was to make a version with normal cowhide.

The long-awaited “Elvis” will debut on Friday (24/6) in the United States, but will only hit Brazilian theaters on 14 July.

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