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Baby Bandito on Netflix: Is Season 2 Possible for Hit Series?

Spain’s recent hit on Netflix, Baby Bandito, has done well in the platform’s top viewership charts. This Chilean series, which is the same as La Casa de Papel, has won over subscribers with its over-the-top action, breathtaking twists and its colorful characters.

An incredible true story

But this series, produced by Pablo Laraine (Neruda, Jack, Spencer, The Count) and created by Valeria Hoffman, Diego Muñoz (Neruda, The Count) and Juan Andres Rivera, is primarily inspired by an incredible true story! Kevin Olguin Sepulveda, the little bandit, at the head of the gang that pulled off the heist of the century in Chile: in 2014, $15 million was stolen from the Santiago airport.

For fiction purposes, the writers changed the main character’s name to Kevin Tapia, played by Nicolas Contreras, and clearly fictionalized his life and crimes in episode 8.

In this way, colorful characters gravitate around Kevin, such as his girlfriend Genesis (Francisca Armstrong), his best friend Panda (Lucas Vergara), the criminal Mystique (Carmen Zabala) and the bandit Panther (Pablo Macaya), a former colleague of his father, but also a fictional group of criminals called The Butchers.

Is Baby Bandito Season 2 Possible?

The first season of Baby Bandito could work very well, turning this Chilean fiction into a mini-series that doesn’t necessarily require a sequel. Especially since the series is based on a true story, then it would be necessary to invent completely new events and twists behind Kevin Olguin Sepulveda’s story, even if the series is very fictional.

At this time, Netflix has not announced a renewal of Baby Bandito, even if it is a new success for the platform, which has already seen more than 10 million hours in its first week. platform figures. This popularity could make the American giant want to offer a second season of the Chilean series.

Especially since the first season ends on a cliffhanger. Of course, the gang members are arrested by the authorities or killed, but Kevin managed to escape the police and other criminals, leaving Genesis and his son alone.

The ending suggests that Kevin is still on the run and has fled to another country for a new life. In fact, Kevin Olguin Sepulveda has been arrested several times, escaped several times, and is currently in prison. So the writers could once again draw on the life of a true criminal to write Baby Bandito Season 2. We’ll have to wait for Netflix’s official decision to be sure.

The Baby Bandito series is available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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