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Enjoy your life adoidado | The spin-off of the film was revealed by the director

The feature film based on Curtindo a Vida Adoidado will show the Ferrari ride taken by the waiters in the film; see who the production manager is

It’s almost time to return to the universe of Enjoying life addictively. The spin-off of the teen classic announced in 2022 and made by the same creators as Cobra KaiJon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald have finally revealed the director’s name.

Second TheInSneider, the role will be taken on by David Katzenberg, a professional who has extensive experience in executive producing and directing TV series. Furthermore sitcom The Goldbergsof which he was responsible for over 40 episodes, Katzenberg is known for directing episodes of programs such as Dancers, Riverdale AND Home before dark.


Released almost forty years after the original title, the film developed by Paramount and directed by the director will be called Sam and Victor’s day off and will follow the pair of valets with whom Ferris leaves Cameron’s father’s Ferrari when they arrive in downtown Chicago.

With a screenplay by Bill Posley, who also worked on the film Cobra Kaithe film does not yet have a release date or details revealed about its cast.

Curtindo’s valets at Vida Adoidado

Scene in which the protagonists of Curtindo a Vida Adoidado decide to leave the Ferrari in the parking lot (Image: Disclosure/Paramount Pictures)

For those who don’t remember, in Enjoying life addictively, the trio of protagonists Ferris, Cameron and Sloane decide to enjoy the day off after skipping school. To do this, they take Cameron’s father’s Ferrari and, despite the boy’s wishes, leave the vehicle in a private car park, entrusting the “special care” of the car to a local employee.

As soon as the protagonists turn their backs and leave, however, the waiter joins his colleague and sets off in the car through the streets of the city. In the scene, the two “squeal” the tires and “fly” the car to the sound of the Star Wars theme song, taking advantage of the opportunity that unexpectedly presented itself to them.

At the end of the day, as if nothing had happened, the employee delivers the car safe and sound to the trio of protagonists, immediately afterwards dancing and celebrating the little adventure they had with their friend.

Curtindo's valets at Vida Adoidado riding a Ferrari (Image: Disclosure/Paramount Pictures)

A scene from the film gave rise to the spin-off

The spin-off Sam and Victor’s day off, therefore intends to explore this unusual valet tour, which occurred parallel to the events experienced by Ferris on June 5, 1985.

Although very little is known about the characters, played by actors Richard Edson (Strangers in Paradise) and Larry Jenkins (Elvira: Queen of Darkness) — and, although their names weren’t originally revealed, the scene appears to have been enough material for Paramount to believe in the spinoff’s potential.

Launched in 1986, Enjoying life addictively is one of the most popular and important features of teen comedies. Directed by John Hughes (Club Five) and starring actor Matthew Broderick (What time will I come to pick you up?), has had a huge cultural impact since its release, telling a simple but funny story of a boy who just wants to enjoy his youth.

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