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From a Vegas wedding to counseling visits: 10 films and series about divorce


“American Divorce”

Brooke and Gary met at a baseball game. A few weeks later, they became a couple and then got married. But the marriage did not last long. The couple quickly realized that they were different: Brooke is a sophisticated girl who loves aesthetics, and Gary is a slob whose evenings are in front of the telly with a can of beer. They decide to get a divorce, but no one wants to leave the apartment first. As a result, a real war begins between Gary and Brooke, in which one always wants to annoy the other. “American Divorce” is worth a watch if you like American comedies of the 00s. The main roles here are Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, the main comedians of those years, and Peyton Reed, who directed “Always Say Yes” with Jim Carrey, is responsible for directing.


Once upon a time, Dean and Cindy were madly in love. Now they live together and raise a child, but the former passion has given way to disputes, misunderstandings and alienation. A breakup is inevitable, but it’s hard for both Dean and Cindy. With a pair brilliantly played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, director Derek Cienfranc raises important questions. Is it necessary to continue the relationship if it has been at an impasse for a long time? How to take the first step towards a break? And what is worse for a child – to lose one of the parents or to live with both, but despising each other? The film does not give clear answers, allowing the viewer to figure everything out on their own.

“Honest Divorce”

Gena is a former comedian who left his career in KVN for the sake of his beloved. Later, the wife decided that Gena was too boring, and began dating someone else. And now, after 25 years of marriage, they get divorced. What does Gena do? Goes on a flying trip! And not alone, but with the swindler Milana, who is about to clean up the divorced dupe and rush off into the sunset. The road movie by Ivan Kulnev is a rare example when the consequences of a divorce are shown not as a daily routine, but as an adventurous adventure, where the stakes of the heroes grow every minute. And here is the brilliant duet of Alexander Robak and Agatha Muceniece.

“Once upon a time in Vegas”

Joy and Jack met by chance in Las Vegas. On a warm summer evening, they go away, and in the morning they find out that they managed to get married when they were under a degree. It would seem that divorce is a trifling matter. But the heroes managed to win a large amount in the casino, and everyone wants to take a solid share. Once Upon a Time in Vegas works on several levels. This is an adventurous comedy, and a film about the craziest divorce that can be, as well as a story about a fateful meeting of two unfortunate people.

“Let’s Divorce”

Masha, a gynecologist, disappears for days at work to feed her family and close a mortgage loan. An already difficult life is complicated by the fact that her idle husband leaves for another woman – a fitness trainer. But Masha does not want to give up and intends to return her husband. Literally everything is used – including the use of sympathetic magic.

Despite a bunch of jokes, the comedy with Anna Mikhalkova raises an important question: is it necessary, in fear of loneliness, to achieve someone who is deeply indifferent to you? Over time, Masha realizes that no, it is not necessary. It is impossible to buy happiness, and life contrary to feelings is just a beautiful appearance, not a strong marriage.

“Divorce. Film One”

Ilona and Vita were well married, but each other’s shortcomings led to a break. But what if you have a shared apartment, and it’s hard to sell it because of redevelopment? For some time, the heroes will live under the same roof, driving each other to the edge and trying to ruin the ex-partner’s life. Watching “Divorce” is like watching a hilarious sitcom about irreconcilable spouses. Here you have biting jokes, and awkward (but terribly realistic) everyday troubles, and a sense of the cyclical nature of what is happening: marriage seems to be bursting at the seams, but breaking out of the funnel of madness is not so easy. Break out or not, the viewer of cinemas will find out on June 30th.

“Family Marriage”

Tom and Louise have been together for 15 years and are about to divorce because of their wife’s infidelity. In the hope of saving the marriage, the couple visits a family psychologist every week. Opposite his office there is a cozy bar where Tom and Louise meet before each session and talk about personal things. “Family Marriage” is a therapeutic series. Each episode lasts 10 minutes, during which time Tom and Louise have time to talk and comprehend the problems that have brought their relationship to a standstill. Many viewers will find their thoughts helpful.


Zhenya and Boris no longer live in the place, but are not yet divorced. During rare meetings, the ex-partners quarrel all the time, and Alyosha’s son experiences the most difficult of all their discord – it seems that his parents don’t care. Realizing that everyone neglects him, the boy decides to leave home. Everyone rushes in search of Alyosha: the police, parents, volunteers. “Dislike” is one of the main Russian films of the 2010s. It was shown at Cannes, received an Oscar nomination, and received an enthusiastic press. Andrei Zvyagintsev shows in colors that the family crisis torments not only spouses, but also those who are dear to them, and encourages viewers to be responsible – even if it is hard.

“History of Marriage”

New York theater director Charlie and actress Nicole are going through a difficult divorce. At stake is not only the division of property, but also a common son. After getting a job in Los Angeles, Nicole takes the boy and moves in. The divorce process is complicated by the fact that Charlie is forced to be torn between work at home and met with his wife and son in another city. “The story of marriage” can be called anti-“Dislike”. Here, too, a painful divorce and the relationship between parents and son are at the center of the story, but, unlike the heroes of Zvyagintsev, the heroes of Noah Baumbach are looking for and finding a solution that will allow their child to grow up in healthy conditions.

“Chill out Vasya”!

Mitya accidentally proposed to his girlfriend, and her father did not hesitate and immediately set a date for the wedding. Nowhere to go – you have to get married. But there’s a problem. Mitya is already married to the eccentric Vasilisa. She is ready to sign the divorce papers, but she has a number of conditions. One of them is acquaintance with the new passion of the former. “Chill out Vasya”! – one of the best Russian rom-coms of the last no. There are no jokes below the belt, and all the crazy situations that the characters find themselves in are inspired by ordinary everyday experience, which is close and understandable to everyone. A bonus is the brilliant games of Yefim Petrunin and Lyubov Aksyonova.

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