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Previews: “O Homem do Norte” is the highlight of the digital rental shops

The digital store releases more subscription options to watch at home this weekend. While Netflix invests in South Korean melodramas and rival platforms provide a catalog already seen on TV, the main news, such as “O Homem do Norte” and the unreleased in theaters “O Domingo das Mães”, only arrive on VOD services (Video on Demand).

Less well known than the subscription service option, the online version of the older video rental companies has no monthly fees. The public only pays for the movie they want to see, just like in the old days of Blockbuster. And it has news that has recently been on the film circuit, as well as award-winning productions at international festivals, including LGBTQIA + dramas. The service is offered on platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Prime Store and YouTube. Discover the versions.


The Viking epic starring Alexander Skarsgård (“Big Little Lies”) and Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Queen’s Gambit”) is a gory revenge film, with battle scenes rendered with extreme violence by director Robert Eggers, responsible for the terrors. Witch “(2015) and” The lighthouse “(2019)

In his production with bigger budget and ambitions, he counts on a large cast, which still features Nicole Kidman (“Aquaman”), Ethan Hawke (“Moon Knight”), Willem Dafoe (“The Lighthouse”), Claes Bang (” Dracula “). “), Ralph Ineson (” The Witch “) and singer Bjork.

Set in Iceland in the early 10th century, the plot follows a king’s son, who as a child witnesses his father’s murder and spends years hoping to settle scores with the usurper. This summary summarizes a story featured in several Nordic sagas and which, as Eggers discovered, inspired Shakespeare to write none other than the play “Hamlet”.


A music video director who drew attention with her war film “Daughters of the Sun” (2018), Frenchwoman Eva Husson makes her English debut with a torrid love story, set on a warm spring day in the 1924. In the plot, the maid and orphan Jane Fairchild finds herself alone on Mother’s Day. After the employers leave, he has the rare chance to spend quality time with her secret lover, a guy from the neighboring mansion, who has been in love with her for a long time despite being engaged to a man. other woman. But forbidden love has little chance of thriving amid the class differences and existential suffocation of the period.

The melodrama is based on the novel of the same name by Graham Swift (author of “The Last Farewell”) and is recorded with beautiful photography and a refined cast, led by the Australian Odessa Young (“The Ladder”) and the British Josh O ‘ Connor (“The Crown”), Colin Firth (“Kingsman: The Golden Circle”) and Olivia Colman (“The Lost Daughter”). Much celebrated by the English press, it achieved 78% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.


One of the biggest commercial hits of Quentin Tarantino’s career arrives in the Netflix catalog, reuniting stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt for the first time in the same film. The two had previously worked with the director on “Django Unchained” and “Inglourious Basterds” respectively, but had never been co-stars.

They play a declining actor and his longtime stunt double, who sees Hollywood and the world change dramatically in 1969, while Sharon Tate, married to director Roman Polanski – and played by Margot Robbie – comes to represent a new generation in theaters. But her happiness won’t last long, as psychopath Charles Manson soon starts showing up in her neighborhood.

There are many other famous characters referenced in the 2019 film, such as Bruce Lee – in a scene that divided opinions, but which pleased the director’s fans, accustomed to his subversive cinema style. A must for movie buffs and even those just looking for a good time, “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” again honored Brad Pitt with his first Oscar for acting.


One of the most critically lauded US films of 2022 (94% on Rotten Tomatoes), the sports drama is based on the true story of the Antetokounmpo family. The storyline follows Charles Antetokounmpo and his wife Vera, after emigrating from Nigeria to Greece, showing their efforts to support their family under the constant threat of deportation, as they try to secure Greek citizenship through a system that “locks them in. every step “. “, according to the synopsis of the film.

Meanwhile, his sons Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas start playing basketball for a local youth team. In a short time, they begin to attract attention. A lot of attention, to the point that his fame crosses borders and reaches the US professional basketball championship. Invited to play in the country, they become the first trio of brothers to win the hard-fought NBA championships: Giannis and Thanasis with the Milwaukee Bucks and Kostas with the Los Angeles Laker.

The True Story was scripted by Arash Amel (“Relentless Pursuit”) as an uplifting storyline for overcoming difficulties. Directed by Nigerian Akin Omotoso, who had already made another successful sports drama for Disney: “Queen of Katwe” (2016).


Based on the novel of the same name by Lourenço Mutarelli (“O Cheiro do Ralo”), the new film written and directed by Aly Muritiba (awarded at the Venice Film Festival for “Private Desert”) records the outbreak of a pocket western writer, confined in a hotel and forced to quickly create a script about his frustrated career.

Rocker Paulo Miklos (“Manhãs de Setembro”) plays the protagonist, who, in an anxiety crisis, develops acute paranoia and begins to see criminals everywhere, besides the hero of his books, the Jesus Kid of the title, played by Sergio Marone (“The Ten Commandments”).

“Jesus Kid” had its virtual premiere at the Gramado Festival last year, when it won trophies for Best Director, Screenplay and Supporting Actor (Leandro Daniel, from “Sentença”).


The high school dark comedy stars Katherine Langford (“13 Reasons Why” and “Cursed”) as a high school student where students explode – literally. Parallel to her teenage romance with the character of Charlie Plummer (“All the Money in the World”), she faces the trauma of having pieces of her classmates in her clothes and being guinea pigs for scientists trying to find. the cause of the phenomenon.

Debuting under the direction of Brian Duffield (writer of “Deep Menace”), the film adapts Aaron Starmer’s best seller of the same name and also features Piper Perabo (“Secret Affairs”) and Hayley Law (“Riverdale”).


Shot in black and white by award-winning director Jacques Audiard (Palme d’Or in Cannes for “Dheepan: The Refuge”), the plot takes place in the Parisian district of Les Olympiades (the largest “Chinatown” in Europe) and is a romantic dramatic date. Emilie (Lucie Zhang) meets Camille (Makita Samba), who is attracted to Nora (Noémie Merlant, from “Portrait of a Young Woman on Fire”), who ends up meeting Amber (Jehnny Beth, from “Impossible Love”). Three girls and a boy of the new millennium, friends and sometimes lovers, and often both.

The two newcomers to the cast, Zhang and Samba, were nominated for a César (French Oscar) for Newcomers of the Year and electronic musician Rone’s soundtrack was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.


The Swedish romantic drama addresses the difficulties faced by a gay couple in coping with the end of their deep relationship. While one tries to move forward, the other tries to get back together. And they both grieve as they remember how happy and perfect they were for each other, until it was all over.

In his first work of fiction, director David Färdmar uses his experience as a documentary filmmaker to realistically and extraordinarily honestly record the pain of a breakup, evoking a series of emotional reactions in scenes that arouse enormous empathy.


A mix of documentary and fiction, the film by award-winning Portuguese director Pedro Costa (“Cavalo Dinheiro”) tells the story of the woman of the title, born in Cape Verde, who saw her husband leave for Lisbon in 1977, when she got a job as bricklayer and only recently visited Portugal when he died, to attend the funeral, which he missed because he was late.

The portrait of his bitterness draws attention for having been photographed beautifully, with each frame taking on the appearance of a painting, a vision strengthened by his penchant for night shots and indoor low-light environments, which give the scenes a look expressionist. It has won 23 international awards, including Sophia (the Portuguese Oscar) 2020 in the categories of Best Film, Director, Actress (Vitalina Varela herself), Screenplay, Photography and Sound (important for being a film with almost no dialogue).


The unheard-of streaming cult has finally arrived in Brazil. Filmed as a fake documentary, it follows three film students who investigate reports of poaching in the wilds of Norway, where they meet a man who claims to be killing trolls on behalf of the government. Determined to record their hunt, they encounter a terror they never imagined, but audiences may disagree and think there is more laughter than fear in this famous terror.

Released in 2010, the Norwegian film won 10 international awards, including the Audience Award and the Jury Award at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival. Thanks to the repercussion, director André Øvredal began a successful career in Hollywood and even worked with Guillermo del Toro (Oscar winner for “The Shape of Water”), directing the screenplay for “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. “(2019). ).

* VOD (video on demand) versions can be rented individually on platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft Store, Prime Store and YouTube, among others, without the need for a monthly subscription.

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