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Tonight on TV: Thanks to social media, this movie has become one of the movie phenomena of 2023

The feature film Le Consentement, which was released in cinemas last year, tells the story of thirteen-year-old Vanessa who meets the famous fifty-year-old writer Gabriel Matznef. A young teenager becomes the lover and muse of this person known by the cultural and political world. Losing herself in the relationship, she becomes more and more violently affected by the destructive influence this predator exerts on her.

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A big-screen adaptation of Vanessa Springora’s book, an autobiographical story about the control and sexual abuse novelist Gabrielle Matznef suffered when they met when she was 13. Consent It is necessary work. The chilling and highly dramatic feature film sees Jean-Paul Rouv giving an impressive performance in the skin of a predator (a role for which he took inspiration from a famous movie character), while a young Kim Higuelin moves like a broken man. A teenager.

Consent It attracted more than 600,000 viewers in French theaters. But more surprisingly, the film’s attendance increased by 40% between its first and second week of release. The main reason for this jump? TikTok is trending! For several days, users of the social network actually posted videos before and after watching Vanessa Filo’s feature film.

“They are the adults who will shift the lines and define a different future”

“I was so moved to feel how concerned and disturbed the young people were by Vanessa’s story.”– said the director on our microphone in response to the viral frenzy that caused Consent phenomenon. “In this film I also wanted to talk about adolescence, this decisive and decisive age, if you see this film, it’s beautiful!

“We made this film to condemn sexual violence, the abuse of power that still dominates our society.concludes the filmmaker. “They are the ones who will shift the lines and define a different future.”

Tonight on Canal+ at 21:10.

Source: Allocine

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