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This is Netflix’s new gem: this series is only 4 hours long, and it’s a hit

It’s Netflix’s fifth most-watched series, and it comes straight from Sweden: the mini-series Deliver Me is the platform’s hit at the moment. Here is all the information about this intriguing piece of fiction that will captivate you if you give it a chance.

What is it about?

Deliver Me briefly describes the strength of friendship between children and observes what happens when society fails to protect the most vulnerable. When children commit heinous crimes, who is responsible?

The Swedish “Top Boy” eats in less than 4 hours

Based on Malin Persson Giolito’s novel of the same name, Deliver Me is a Swedish mini-series available on Netflix from April 24. This fiction was able to capture the attention of subscribers as it quickly rose to the top of the platform.

This 5-episode show has already shaken and shocked several subscribers who spoke on social networks. Some even name the British TV series Top Boy as an equivalent.

Word has spread because of the particularly shocking and gripping plot, which begins with the lifeless body of a fourteen-year-old boy lying dead near a deserted playground.

As the snow slowly begins to fall, we see his best friend, the smoking gun in his trembling hand, standing behind him, staring at the fatal wound he just inflicted on the corpse’s head.

Therefore, over the course of 5 episodes, Deliver Me will revisit the history of these two characters and how this tragic event could have happened. But the Swedish series is not only a dramatic thriller, it is also a social fiction that raises many questions, especially about responsibility when young people commit such terrible crimes.

What place do adults have in such cruelty? Should we consider children as monsters? Are these children, cut off from a society that ignores them and enables the growing violence that takes hold of marginalized and vulnerable communities, lost in advance?

If you haven’t seen Deliver Me yet, you should be tempted by this thrilling fiction with a moving cast that takes less than 4 hours to watch if you want to watch it.

Mini series bring me Available on Netflix.

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