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Streaming Tonight: Don’t watch this movie if you’re a stomatophobe

Baby Levy, a recent college graduate and marathon runner, leads an investigation into the identity of her missing father. These investigations will throw him, despite himself, into the merciless world of international intrigue; A world where old Nazis and troubled agents are drawn to…

Leaving aside the documentaries – often quite remarkable – dedicated to ex-Nazi war criminals, their hunts and/or trials (let’s cite Hotel Terminus, dedicated to Klaus Barbe; specialist dedicated to the trial of Adolf Eichmann in 1961, kidnapped. in Buenos Aires. ..), the hunt and escape of former Nazis became the subject of many fictions.

And among them is an extraordinary film: Marathon Man. Suspenseful thriller, directed by John Schlesinger, two leading actors: Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier.

Three years before these boys arrive from Brazil, where Laurence Olivier hunts former Nazi war criminals, he plays the extraordinary and terrifying Dr. Sells in John Schlesinger’s masterpiece; A former dentist in a concentration camp, he is forced to leave his refuge in Uruguay to retrieve his war treasure, once entrusted to his brother.

His character, of course, is heavily inspired by the evil Josef Mengele, nicknamed “The Angel of Death”, who was the head doctor of Auschwitz and died accidentally in 1979 in Brazil, where he found refuge after the war.

A paranoid thriller set in its own time, the film deftly weaves together all the country’s anxieties, traumas and uncertainties for over a decade, from the Vietnam War to Watergate to the Kennedy assassination…not forgetting the dental torture sequence. on Dustin Hoffman, tested the nerves that largely contributed to the anxiety of Dental Roulette…

marathon manto see (or preview!) on Paramount+.

Source: Allocine

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