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“The Asunta case”: the documentary with unpublished testimonies that you must see if you are hooked on the Netflix series

“The Asunta Case” has become one of the most popular on Netflix. The series, starring Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa, recounts the events surrounding the 2013 murder in Spain of Asunta Basterra, a girl of Chinese descent adopted by Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra when she was just 1 year old.

Although the 6-episode production has been widely praised for its acting and representation of events, those caught up in the story and wanting to know more about it can consult a documentary with unpublished testimonies from Asunta Basterra’s parents.

Before ‘The Asunta Case’, there was a documentary about the case

In 2017, “What the truth hides: The case of Asunta (Operación Nenúfar)”, a three-part documentary produced by Bambú Producciones and originally broadcast on Antena 3, premiered in Spain.

Under the direction of Elías León Siminiani, this production has 3 chapters characterized by the rigorous treatment of the subject, as well as images and material previously unpublished.

Some of the key moments of the documentary about the Asunta case are the testimonies of the judge who tried it, the guards who participated in the investigation, the statement of the girl’s partner, who claimed to have seen the victim with her father on the same evening of his death and the first-hand accounts of Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra;

The final episode even shows a letter the murdered girl’s father sent to the documentary’s producer Ramon Campos from prison. In it, he expressed his anger at the situation, said he still longed to be reunited with his daughter, and defended his innocence.

For this reason, “What the truth hides: The Asunta case (Operación Nenúfar)” is more revealing and faithful to the truth than the Netflix series of the same case, which uses dramatization to tell the story. Although both productions are from the same creators.

Where to watch the documentary “The Asunta Case (Operation Nenúfar)”?

From Mexico, you can find it in the Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video catalog (the latter offers a 7-day trial with the Atresplayer service, from the Spanish channel that broadcast the documentary in 2017).

Let us know in the comments if watching the documentary on the Asunta case caught your attention and if you’ve already seen the Netflix production.

Source: univision

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