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Neither Friends nor Bridgerton: This is the only series couple that taught us everything we need to know for a happy relationship

I have to admit that most on-screen couples, even the most iconic ones or those whose relationships we envy, are not the models we follow. If conflicts are necessary and inevitable – in real life as in fiction – screenwriters always need to stretch the story, to go a little further – and often to the point of toxicity or situations that are better not to encounter.

In fact, what goes on the screen is a novel full of mistakes and irreverence. If we stick to the small screen, let’s take the example of Ross and Rachel from Friends, a couple we remember fondly, but whose journey is filled with situations that we do not envy at all, famously “We broke up” where Ross “lies” to Rachel (depending on your point of view) about That Rachel left a great job opportunity for Ross at the end of the series – and many other situations…

And of course, if we take the example of The Bridgerton Chronicles and its hot couples that make us so excited, we can cite so many “toxic” situations that we’d rather not face in real life.

The most realistic fictional couple?

In all this mix of fictional TV relationships, one finally seems to stand out, as our colleagues at SensaCine point out: Lily and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, Quentin Tarantino’s favorite series. The characters played by Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel will be one of the rare ones who don’t go through that hateful “I love you, don’t I love you” phase, a couple that remains imperfect but from whom we can still learn lessons. In a new episode of SensaCine Animado, the site analyzed why they were so special, and here’s their conclusion.

If, on the other hand, Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) makes a lot of mistakes in his 36 attempts to find his ideal partner, on the other hand, Marshall and Lily, with their strong relationship, are his example. For years he watched them with admiration and envy, without solving the mystery.

So I thought we had it for a second… for all I know Marshall and Lily have it… I want it. I’m still waiting for it to happen, waiting and… I think I’m tired of waiting“- said the main character to his ex-girlfriend Stella (Sarah Chalke) in the 4th season of the series.

Ted mistakenly believes that his soul suddenly falls from the sky and that it must meet certain characteristics. But Lily and Marshall, episode after episode and season after season, show us that neither common hobbies, nor coincidences, nor fate is the key to a deep and lasting romantic relationship. Finding yourself is probably the easiest part, but maintaining a relationship over time…that’s where it gets tricky!

When we meet them at the beginning of the series, Marshall and Lily have been together for 8 years. The fact that they had an established relationship from the beginning of the show allowed the writers to create a much more complex, rich and deep narrative arc about the various problems that the couple must face in the 21st century: professional, economic, family problems. and identity issues within and outside the couple. It made their relationship much more believable than, say, Chandler and Monica Friendstheir “predecessors”.

And it’s no coincidence that the couple looks stronger in reality: their relationship is directly inspired by the relationship between Craig Thomas, one of the creators of the series, and his wife Rebecca. Thomas actually took his own marriage as inspiration to bring his two characters to life.

The key to a long lasting relationship

While we see Lily and Marshall resolve their conflicts through dialogue and understanding, the three other characters around them, Ted, Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), struggle to communicate and manage their emotions. their partners. On the other hand, we see Lily and Marshall drowning in their conflicts, having difficult and uncomfortable conversations that even their friend can’t handle. Lily and Marshall are not ideal for each other, but they try to be and find a common language at every stage of their relationship and in every conflict.

Thus, they have a unique relationship. Not bound by social conventions, they always try to do things their own way. And while they had a moment of doubt and a moment of separation, a separation that happened before they met, the main thing is that Marshall and Lily finally listened to each other and accepted each other’s needs and found each other again.

And finally, aside from having cute little habits like telling each other what they ate every day or leaving each other notes at lunch to remember their trip together, they seem to be one of the most realistic couples on the small screen. And the one who taught us a few things about a happy relationship.

How I Met Your Mother can be streamed in full on Disney+.

Source: Allocine

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