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8 years after his last film, the “most hated director in Hollywood” returns with a surprising project!

Uwe Boll, considered the worst director in the world, is back! 8 years after his last film, he comes out of retirement for a surprising new project.

In 2016, the German director Uwe Bull announced he would end his career, believing the market was dead. “We don’t make money making films anymore because DVD and Blu-ray sales have dropped by over 80% in just three years worldwide. That’s the real reason, I can’t afford to make films anymore,” she confessed. .

Often considered the worst contemporary filmmaker (or the most hated director in Hollywood), especially due to his failed video game adaptations (House of the Dead, Alone in the dark, BloodRayne, Save yourself who can), Uwe Boll has gone back on his decision!

Hollywood’s most hated director is back!

In the end, Fury 3 (2016) It won’t be his last film. According to Variety, the 58-year-old director will return with Runa project on the migrant crisis.

Amanda Plummer (pulp Fiction, Star Trek Picard) will be the protagonist of the feature film alongside Giacomo Russo AND Ulrich Thomsen. Marco Henderson, Barkhad Abdi AND Costas Mandylor I’m also on board.

The story takes us on a boat that transports migrants from different African countries to Italy. When the boat deviates from its route, the situation degenerates and the migrants accuse the smugglers. After finally reaching the shore, the desperate passengers try to escape the police and some manage to…

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