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A little extra: why should we see this sunny and charming comedy with Arthur?

What is it about?

In order to escape from the police, a runaway son and his father are forced to find shelter at a summer camp for disabled youth, posing as a resident and his special educator. The beginning of trouble and a wonderful human experience that will change them forever.

Actor and comedian Artus turns to directing. On May 1, he presented Un p’tit truc plus, a comedy featuring many disabled people.

The desire to make this film goes even further than creating Sylvain’s character. There was also SKTech in disabled sports. It’s a topic I’ve always worked with because it’s always been taboo. It’s important to me to talk about it because we need to “break” it. I don’t know if it’s been said or not, but anyway, the day the taboo is no more, we’ll pass the stage. (…) it is necessary to talk about it. Like many topics and many things that need to be trivialized.

Almost 30 years after Le Huitième jour, a film starring Daniel Ott and Pascal Duquesne that deeply impressed and touched the public of the time, Un p’tit truc en plus continues this path, finding a balance between humor, emotion and above. All the great good that can awaken the conscience.

I always wanted to show what people with mental disabilities are capable of: they have an incredible imagination, magic or madness that you can’t find anywhere else. I wanted to make a film with them.”he adds in the press kit.

I have a nasty side: the more you tell me not to go off topic, the more I go!

and added: “Differences are strength, I’m sure. If we can laugh at this, it is healthy and better: I myself was fat and first joked about my body… – Still, I have a side fault: the more you tell me not to go. Topic, the more I go there. And five years ago I started writing this film.

At our microphone, actress Alisa Bellaid: “We are not making a film about disability. This is a comedy with disabled people and actors. And that changes everything.”

If this movie can open a door like it opened mine

This is a comedy in which two worlds meet: these young disabled people open their arms, full of love, laughter, love… It’s a human encounter. And we clearly weren’t going to make fun of them. At least if this movie can open a door like it opened mine…”

A film with a caring message

If Extra Trivia is primarily a comedy whose main goal is to laugh and have a good time, the idea is also to look at your own relationships and know how to “open the door”, as Alice Bellaid beautifully puts it.

He adds to our microphone: “Sometimes you have to overcome your fear of being different and open the door a little, face your fear. I think it would be really good for us to blend in more and get some of their poetry, their simplicity, their truth.”

And Artus concludes:Don’t be afraid to do bad things because doing nothing is worse. Go to them and then, in the worst case, if you say something stupid, you say something stupid, but you better not go!

Directed by Artus, A Little Something Extra hits theaters this Wednesday, May 1, 2024.

Source: Allocine

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