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Rain in Rio Grande do Sul: “They had to carry my aunt in a wheelchair to the 2nd floor”

A villa in Três Coroas was flooded and a 99-year-old woman had to be rescued quickly. The state is suffering the effects of the storm of recent days

More than a thousand people had to leave their homes in the cities of Taquara, Parobé and Três Coroasin the Paranhana Valley, in Rio Grande do Sul, a region hit by heavy rains in recent days. Several families were rescued by firefighters and volunteers between the night of Tuesday 30th and the early hours of Thursday 2nd. The state has recorded 13 deaths and 21 disappearances.

Bárbara Neubarth, 74, says that it was necessary to urgently bring her aunt Alayde Volkart, 99, to the rescue in Três Coroas, about a hundred kilometers from the capital. “She has two caregivers, since she cannot move because she, among other things, relies on a wheelchair,” she said.

The elderly woman was rushed to the second floor of her old villa. “The health workers called us in desperation and told us that they had taken my aunt to the second floor, with a wheelchair and mattresses,” said her niece, who lives in Porto Alegre.

“The entire first floor of the house is flooded. I imagined the desperation of my aunt and carers in carrying her upstairs,” he added.

The villa where the old woman lives is more than 100 years old and is located in the center, far from where the river passes. “This was the first time water entered the residence,” Bárbara said.

The government declares a disaster

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), declared a state of public disaster after 134 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul were hit by heavy rains. The provision was published on the holiday night of Wednesday 1, in an extraordinary edition of official diary.

According to the governor, this must be the “biggest climate disaster” ever faced by the people of Rio Grande do Sul and the Taquari River, one of the main rivers of the state, reaches its highest elevation in history.

This Thursday, 2, the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) he traveled to Rio Grande do Sul, where he met Leite. During the meeting, as an emergency measure, it was decided to create an Integrated Situation Room, under the coordination of the military commander of the South, General Hertz Pires do Nascimento, to organize relief operations in all affected regions.

Rio Grande do Sul has been hit by a series of extreme events in recent years. In September 2023, at least 41 people died after the cyclone hit by the State.

Source: Terra

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