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Tabata’s team has Alckmin’s allies, members of the Lula government, Luciano Huck’s mother and Temer’s daughter

The bet is that the experts announced by the deputy will constitute a “vaccine” against possible criticism that the deputy has no experience in public management

Congresswoman Tabata Amaral (PSB) formed a team to develop her government plan for the municipality of São Paulo with allies of Vice President Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), technicians who worked in PSDB administrations in the capital and in the state and members and ex – members of the Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) government.

The group also includes the daughter of Michel Temer (MDB) – the former president supports the re-election of mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) -, the mother of TV host Luciano Huck and doctor Ludhmila Hajjar, who refused the invitation to become Minister of Health in the government of former president Jair Bolsonaro (MDB) and will now coordinate the working group responsible for discussing the proposals for the São Paulo area.

The pre-candidate’s allies are working so that the government’s plan is an antidote to polarization and forces Nunes and Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) to discuss proposals for the city instead of trying to nationalize the elections with the support of Bolsonaro and Lula.

Luciana Temer will be the coordinator of the debates on Family, Social Development and Food Security. Professor of Constitutional Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), she is a human rights activist and president of the Instituto Liberta, which works to combat sexual violence against children and adolescents.

The debate on urban development and social urban planning will be led by Marta Grostein. Huck’s mother is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of São Paulo (USP). Recently, the presenter said that Tabata “will be mayor of Sao Paulo, God willing.”

Economist Pedro Fernando Nery, director of Economic and Social Affairs of Alckmin’s office at the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, is also part of the working group on urban planning. Other names linked to the vice president who are part of the Lula government are Floriano Pesaro, former member of the PSDB, director of Apex Brasil, and Carmen Silva, advisor to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade. The first will work on the debate on Cracolândia, while the second will deal with the Housing proposals.

Also coming from the government were Lula Leany Lemos, who was national secretary of Planning in the department chaired by Simone Tebet (MDB), and José Francisco Manssur, former special advisor to Fernando Haddad (PT) at the Ministry of Finance. He left his post earlier this year while arguing about regulating sports betting, an area in which he specializes.

Those around the pre-candidate believe that the team she has formed should serve as a kind of vaccine for possible criticism that Tabata has no experience in executive positions. “The government’s plan creates room for action. Preparing a good plan and having a good team is the first sign of a successful pre-campaign,” said Márcio França.

The general coordinator of the government plan is Vivian Satiro, who was secretary under Bruno Covas, but left the municipality after the death of the toucan and the rise of Nunes to mayor. It is the same case of the former secretary of International Relations, Luiz Alvaro, who broke with the mayor in 2021 and is now part of the Tabata group on Tourism and Creative Economy, and Orlando Faria, former secretary of Construction in the Covas government and political coordinator of the congresswoman’s campaign.

Tabata’s approach to names linked to the PSDB is his strategy to position himself as the heir to the Tucan electorate in the capital, at the same time that an alliance with the party would disprove the thesis that the candidacy is not a solitary escape.

The MP so far does not have the support of other parties. Tabata articulated the exit of presenter José Luiz Datena from the PSB, his own party, and his entry into the PSDB. The idea is that he is nominated vice president and seals the alliance between the two parties.

Datena has had electoral setbacks throughout her career and has already given up on leaving television four times to run for office. Tabata’s allies believe it is worth taking the risk that the presenter will give up for the fifth time or agree to run for mayor as one wing of the PSDB wants because she has to make risky moves if she wants to go to the second round — the MP comes in third place in the latest electoral polls, with around 10% of voting intentions, while Nunes and Boulos are on the 30% threshold.

See Tabata working group members

01 – Cracolândia and scenes of open drug use

Coordinator: Floriano Pesaro

Deputy Coordinator: Colonel José Roberto Rodrigues de Oliveira

Executive secretary: Ana Carolini Gonçalves

02 – Culture

Coordinator: Patricia Gama

Deputy Coordinators: Josephine Bourgois and Aldo Valentim

Executive secretary: Paulo Zuben

03 – Economic development and attraction of investments

Coordinator: Marco Di Preto

Deputy Coordinator: Federico Celentano

Executive Secretary: Alessandra Brayn

04 – Work and Income

Coordinator: Eliseu Gabriel

Deputy Coordinator: João Vidal

Executive Secretary: Vânia Rodrigues

05 – Regional development

Coordinator: Tati Rodrigues

06 – Urban development and social urban planning

Coordinator: Marta Grostein

Deputy Coordinator: Tomás Alvim

Executive Secretaries: Pedro Fernando Nery and Gabriel Prado

07 – Education

Coordinator: Claudia Costin

Deputy coordinator: Felipe Sigollo and Lucia França

Executive Secretary: Wesla Monteiro

08 – Sports

Coordinator: José Francisco Manssur

Deputy Coordinator: Mizael Conrado

Executive Secretary: Daniela Castro

09 – Family, social development and food security

Coordinator: Luciana Temer

Vice-coordinators: Rodolpho Canônico, Letícia Figueiredo and Maria Lucia Alckmin

Executive secretary: Renata Greco Alfieri

10 – Public finance and fiscal responsibility

Coordinator: Leany Lemos

Deputy Coordinator: Raphael Gouveia

Executive secretary: Luciano Sobral

11 – Efficient management and reduction of bureaucracy

Coordinator: Vera Monteiro

Deputy Coordinator: Rafael Leite

Executive secretary: Giulia Malacrida

12 – Accommodation

Coordinator: Carmen Silva

Deputy Coordinator: Helen Moraes

Executive Secretary: Duda Alcântara

13 – Racial equality

Coordinator: Ivair Augusto Alves dos Santos

Deputy Coordinator: Thamires Martins

Executive Secretary: Samuel Emílio

14 – Immigrants

Coordinator: Eloísa Arruda

Deputy coordinators: Bruno Kim and Alfredo Guevara

Executive Secretary: Abdul Jarour

15 – Infrastructure and urban cleaning

Coordinator: Vitor Aly

Deputy Coordinator: Juscelino Gadelha

Executive secretary: Mariana Lopes

16 – Innovation and Technology

Coordinator: Raulison Resende

Deputy Coordinator: Carolina Mota Mourão

Self. Director: Maria Alexandra Cunha

17 – Youth

Coordinator: Davi Abreu dos Santos

Deputy Coordinator: Helena Branco

Executive Secretary: Jhow Alencar


Coordinator: Heloísa Alves

Deputy coordinator: Raphael Henrique Martins

Executive secretary: Cássio Rodrigo

19 – Longevity and active aging

Coordinator: Layla Vallias

Deputy coordinator: Mórris Litvak

Executive sections: Carla Oda and Damaris Roberto

20 – Environment and climate change

Coordinator: Raffaello Vicente

Deputy Coordinator: Kamila Camilo

Executive Secretary: Marcos Galhego

21 – Mobility and Traffic

Coordinator: Renata Falzoni

Deputy coordinator: Marta Marthorelli

Executive secretary: Gabriel Finamore

22 – Women

Coordinator: Jussara Basso

Deputy coordinator: Fernanda Bussinger

Executive Secretary: Camila Vicente

23 – Partnerships and concessions

Coordinator: Mais Moreno

Deputy coordinator: Guilherme Jardim

Executive Secretary: Viviane dos Santos

24 – Social participation and digital citizenship

Coordinator: Leandro Machado

Deputy Coordinator: Ivan Budinski (to be confirmed)

Executive Secretary: Isabela Melo


Coordinator: Andrea Werner

Deputy Coordinator: Camila Tapia

Executive Secretary: Perla Assunção

26 – Via del Pop

Coordinator: Laura Müller Machado

Deputy Coordinator: Darcy da Silva Costa

Executive secretary: Laura Abreu

27 – Early childhood

Coordinator: Janine Rodrigues

Deputy Coordinator: Renan Sargiani

Executive Secretary: Wellington Lopes

28 – Protection of animals

Coordinator: Édson da Paiol

Deputy Coordinator: Esdras Andrade

Executive Secretary: Damar Neusa Sobrinho

29 – International Relations

Coordinator: Denilde Holzhacker

Vice-coordinators: Fernando Mello Barreto and Débora Barenboim

Executive Secretary: Feliciano Guimarães

30 – Sanitation and flood control

Coordinator: Benedito Braga

Deputy Coordinator: Stela Goldenstein

Executive Secretary: Jahzara Oná

31 – Health

Coordinators: Ludhmilla Hajjar and Paulo Saldiva

Deputy Coordinator: Fernando Paiva

Executive secretary: André Ancelmo

32 – Mental health and drug policy

Coordinator: Jari Jesus Mari

Deputy Coordinator: Rosângela Elias

Executive secretary: Mariana Luz

33 – Security

Coordinator: Leandro Piquet

Deputy Coordinator: Luciana Guimarães

Executive Secretary: Lívio Rocha

34 – Transparency and fight against corruption

Coordinator: Gustavo Ungaro

Deputy Coordinator: Márlon Reis

Executive secretary: Françoise de Matos Paula Silva

35 – Tourism and Creative Economy

Coordinator: Luiz Álvaro

Deputy Coordinator: Beto Lago

Executive secretary: Janete Costa

Source: Terra

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