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“The Asuda case”: Rosario Porto left a millionaire inheritance, what happened to her? Netflix didn’t show it

One of the details that the Netflix series “The Asunta Case” does not show is the outcome of Rosario Porto, the mother of the murdered girl.

Although the last chapter features a legend announcing that she died in 2020 while serving her sentence in prison, it omits to mention that she owned an estate worth millions: what happened to her?

“The Asunta case”: the girl’s mother left a millionaire inheritance

Rosario Porto, mother of Asunta Basterra, left a fortune estimated between 1.5 and 3 million euros after her death. The first number was reported in 2020, shortly after his death was announced, and the last, after a resurgence of interest in the real case. This heritage consisted of houses, jewellery, works of art and porcelain figurines.

We must remember that, shortly before the murder of Asunta Basterra, Rosario’s parents died and left her part of their property. There was even a theory that the millionaire inheritance was the motive for the girl’s murder.

According to Spanish media, Rosario Porto’s estate had four properties: two in Santiago de Compostela, another in Vilanova de Arusha and Teo’s house, where the crime against Asuda was allegedly committed.

In addition, the woman had half a million euros in the bank.

Who took the inheritance of Rosario Porto, mother of Asuda Basterra?

After the death of Asunta Basterra’s mother in 2020, this question was on many minds. And the point is, to whom could he leave his possessions, jewels, art and money if he no longer had a family? The answer came when his will was read.

Porto wrote that his assets were divided into two parts: one for his lawyers and another for his closest friend, Maria Teresa Sabedro, known as “La Nena.”

However, her defenders decided to renounce their share, so the entire inheritance was left in the hands of her friend.

“La Nena” was one of Rosario Porto’s best friends, who had known each other since childhood. The two were very trusting, to the point where Teresa became the lawyer’s right hand. When Porto was arrested and unable to attend her daughter’s cremation, “La Nena” was responsible for collecting Asunta’s ashes from the funeral home.

According to various media, squatters have settled on the Montouto property (where the crime would take place), so it has not been possible to sell it.

What do you think about the fate of Rosario Porto’s millionaire inheritance? Write your opinion in the comments.

Source: univision

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