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‘The whole team was scared of Johnny Depp’: Maven opens up about her tough shoot with the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

In 2023, Maven held an event with Jeanne du Barry, its sixth production. An ambitious historical feature film in which he starred alongside Johnny Depp, who took on the role of King Louis XV for the occasion.

During the recent Cannes Film Festival, where Jean du Barry was present at the opening, Maven responded to rumors that John was unruly on set. A few days ago, the 48-year-old Frenchman once again spoke about his collaboration with the Hollywood star, and the least we can say is that it was not easy…

Before the shooting of the film, everything was going perfectly between the two artists. “We were texting each other, talking on the phone, it was very easy, very natural.”Maven declares At the microphone of The Independent. But when the shooting started, things got complicated…

“I’ll be honest…”

Apart from some disagreements regarding the script of the film, it was the personality of the Hollywood star that made filming difficult. “I’ll be honest, it’s hard touring with Johnny.”Run without going around Maven. “The whole team was afraid of him because he has a different sense of humor. We didn’t know if he would be on time or understand his lines. In fact, even if he was on set, the crew would be afraid of him.”

And now, as for the relationship between Maven and Johnny Depp ? “After filming, we no longer have a normal relationship”, he declares. “To me, John is an absolute genius, but he’s in another world. I can’t relate to him.”

Johnny Depp in “Jeanne du Barry”: how to play the king of France?

Source: Allocine

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