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Is The Stolen Painting a good movie? The first viewers to express their opinion

The Stolen Picture is out in theaters on May 1, starring Alex Lutz, Leah Drucker and Nora Hamzav. Directed by Pascal Bonitzer, the film tells the story of André Masson, an auctioneer at the famous Scott Auction House. One day he received a letter saying that a painting by Egon Schiele had been discovered in the house of a young worker in Mulhouse.

He goes there very skeptically and has to face the facts: the painting is authentic, a masterpiece lost since 1939, looted by the Nazis. Andre sees this event as the pinnacle of his career, but it is also the beginning of a struggle that could endanger him. Fortunately, he is helped by his ex-wife and colleague Bertina and the whimsical intern Aurora.

Were the first viewers of this dramatic comedy convinced? We’re stocking up on AlloCiné thanks to your comments!

What do viewers think?

With a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars (171 average ratings as of 4:00 PM on May 2), The Stolen Painting was generally well received by viewers. The vast majority of ratings are currently between 3 and 5 stars.

“Despite some of the timing and sometimes erratic action, the script still stands up, offering some nice passages of comedy. By the rules of the art, but still a long way from a masterpiece.”highlights Traversay1.

Fun and graceful?

For Sylvain P, “Pascal Bonitzer has a real talent for dialogue and rhythm.” Capirex also agrees, he found the painting stolen “Very interesting. Once again Alex Lutz shows all his talent! The rest of the cast is in unison!”

According to Nicholas E., the feature film has “A tight script and actors with heightened sensitivity. What more can I say. It’s rare to find scripts that are executed like this and that leave the imagination free.”

As for charlesswann365, he finds it to be a “A wonderful film, light, funny and graceful. Alex Lutz takes over the screen with an elegance we never expected. Leah Drucker is breathtaking. The dialogue is delicious. The writing fits a great cast.”

An unclear story?

If the majority of the first viewers quite appreciated Pascal Bonitzer’s proposal, some incongruous voices are heard. Thus, Jean-Luc Macke invites “An unclear story, uninspired actors and caricatured characters. It’s a shame we could have expected better given the casting.”

According to Corinne76100, the stolen painting is “A movie that comes with fun but nothing more, caricatured characters, simple situations… in short, a Sunday night movie on TV.” DonnieDarko1 agrees with him: “The show is quite televised, with fake connections and implausibility. The acting is quite disappointing.”

If you want to make up your own mind, The Stolen Picture hits theaters on May 1st.

Source: Allocine

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