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Discover the manga and anime series “City Hunter” that gave rise to the Netflix film

City Hunter is a manga series that mixes action and comedy, created by Japanese artist Tsukasa Hojo (Hojo Tsukassa in Japanese). Originally published in the famous magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, by Shueisha and in weekly chapters then collected in volumes, the series lasted from 1985 to 1991, for a total of 35 volumes.

Thanks to its success, in 1987 it was adapted into an anime by the Sunrise studio (the same as the Gundam franchise and the cult Cowboy Bebop). Animation made the work even more popular, making it reach other countries, such as France, China and South America. Unfortunately, the manga and anime did not officially reach Brazil.

In this article we will explore the story and seasons of the anime a little more. Watch!

Cover of the first hardback volume of the City Hunter manga, publisher Shueisha / (reproduction)

The story of City Hunter

Ryo Saeba, known as City Hunter, is a “sweeper”, a kind of urban hunter hired for a variety of tasks, including rescues, investigations, and personal security, often involving violence or danger. When his partner, former police officer Hideyuki Makimura, is murdered during a mission, Ryo finds himself tasked with protecting his friend’s younger sister, Kaori Makimura, who ends up becoming his new assistant at work .

Main Characters of City Hunter / (C)1985 by Tsukasa Hojo/North Stars Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.

The adventures unfold through the missions Ryo and Kaori receive, highlighting their interactions and unity as they face challenges. Ryo is a skilled marksman and extremely capable in various forms of combat, however, he is known for his womanizing and perverse behavior, which often comes into conflict with Kaori, who secretly harbors feelings for him. Other notable characters who appear regularly include police officer Saeko and Umibozu, a street cleaner who is both Ryo’s rival and friend.

The plot features several moments of action and comedy in short plots, generally concluded in one or two episodes.

The anime

Credit: Sunrise (reproduction)

The first season of the anime, simply titled “City Hunter”, aired from April 6, 1987 to March 28, 1988, with a total of 51 episodes. Then came “City Hunter 2,” which aired from April 2, 1988 to July 14, 1989, with 63 episodes. These two seasons helped consolidate the series’ popularity both in Japan and internationally.

The series continued with “City Hunter 3,” which aired from October 15, 1989 to January 21, 1990, with 13 episodes. And finally, the final animated season aired from April 28, 1991 to October 10, 1991, with 13 episodes, titled “City Hunter ’91.”

Credit: Sunrise (reproduction)

Furthermore, City Hunter has made a mark on many Japanese animation fans thanks to its amazing soundtrack. The opening and closing themes are a constant presence in the lists and are compiled with the best of their generation.

TV specials, home videos and animated films

City Hunter: The Movie: Shinjuku Private Detective (2019)/ Credit: Sunrise

In addition to the anime seasons, City Hunter has also expanded its universe through OVAs and animated films. Discover the productions:

Credit: Sunrise (reproduction)

In addition to these animated specials, City Hunter also has some live-action adaptations, which you can find out more about by checking out our specific text on them.

Credit: Sunrise (reproduction)

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