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Visually, this is the ugliest scene in Marvel history! Fortunately, it was removed from the film

Since the release of Tim Story’s Fantastic Four in 2005, the quality of visual effects in cinema has evolved significantly. The Marvel-branded feature films that came out at the time still didn’t have the same digital tools as they do today, and certain sequences from those feature films got old pretty quickly.

In general, with a surge of nostalgia when they rediscover them years later, fans easily forgive these few digital wrinkles that sometimes have a certain charm.

  • 18 years ago, the final frame of this Marvel movie gave fans chills

Marvel’s ugliest scene ever

However, there are certain cases for which the justification of time is no longer sufficient. Some visual effects that were ninety years old before they saw the light of day.

Indeed, the first installment of the Fantastic Four, especially Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba and a very young Chris Evans (before the latter became Captain America) almost gave us the most visually unsuccessful series in Marvel history.

Fortunately, a scene cut from the last episode (probably due to its special effects) revealed a romantic discussion between Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Wolverine in Fantastic 4

For two seconds, in order to appear as a ‘stronger man’ to his loved one, the resilient man used his strength to momentarily assume the appearance of… Wolverine.

Amusingly enough, this little touch on previous Marvel releases (notably including the first two installments of the X-Men saga) would have been welcome if it had enjoyed better visual treatment.

In any case, this testifies to the fact that even at that time, the producers of Maison des Idées were seriously considering the possibility of mixing the different characters of their films into one world.

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Source: Allocine

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