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Was Finding Nemo almost Pixar’s first bad movie? A last minute change affected the entire history of animation

One simple decision changed the entire course of the Oscar-winning film.

Finding Nemo It is already part of cinema history as one of the most beloved productions of the 2000s. Also part of Pixar’s incredible journey, the film had almost one different detail in the final cut that would completely change the audience’s experience.

This change made at the beginning of the film was part of a last-minute decision, when the producers and animators realized that a simple change of order could alter people’s reception of certain characters.

“Initially you would have found [sobre a morte da mãe de Nemo] through flashbacks. We all went to the last show before it ended, we all walked out of the theater and nobody said anything,” said Pixar animator Jason Deamer UNILAD. “[Nós pensamos] “Did we just make our first bad movie?” We were a little worried and [o co-diretor] Lee Unkrick he said ‘Let me try something,’ and he took those flashbacks and did them all over again.”

In the plot, Marlin’s sad past in the coral reefs, where he lost his wife and his entire brood, haunted him even though he still remained strong with his family. Now he raises his only son Nemo with all the care in the world, but the cute clown fish ends up going too far during a simple argument and ends up being captured by a diver.

So, the father must act and embarks on a tireless search across the open sea, hoping to find his beloved cub. Along the way, he meets Dory and, together, the duo lives a …

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