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This is one of the most moving scenes in cinema: 27 years ago, the ending of this film brought millions of viewers to tears.

Another news about Titanic??? And yes, because when you love, you don’t count! With no real options other than our reckless love for James Cameron’s film, we decided to go back to one of the most amazing scenes from this great movie classic. Simply because it is a moving scene that has marked an entire generation.

In Titanic, that movie that everyone loved (except for a few critics who really hated it), there’s the iconic spade sequence. But what we want to talk about here is the sequence that made (and still makes) any normal moviegoer cry out loud: the death of Jack, played on screen by Leonardo DiCaprio.

We’re not going to repeat the scene minute by minute for you (Jack freezes to death in the icy waters of the North Atlantic, oh, how painful it is to say that again even in parentheses!), but we’ll focus on the reasons. who pushed James Cameron to kill the hero of his film. A month ago, the Canadian filmmaker expressed this painful conclusion to millions of viewers around the world (almost 21 here).

“A happy ending would be disrespectful”

At the beginning of April, at the exhibition dedicated to him at the Paris Cinematheque. James Cameron In this way, our colleagues at Le Parisien on the microphone focused on the importance of the sections shot in water. Obviously, he hadn’t forgotten to mention the thing about Jack’s disappearance…

“I wanted to give the audience as much realism as possible, especially for the sequence where the liner sinks.”– said the director. “People often ask me, ‘Why did Jack have to die at the end, because I think the happy ending would have disrespected the tragedy of the story.’

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Source: Allocine

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